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Monday, June 21, 2010

Stop Gosip and Rumoring Artis

Like I said before, don't you ever talk about somebody sin or someone bad habit, because that's they private area not yours! so stop gosip or rumoring something that you even don't know the truth about it.

Artis Seksi Ku talking.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Truth about Ariel and Luna Maya

Like I thought before, there is someone who feel jealous to Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya because of the succeed and that person is really did good to make Ariel and Luna Maya crush. But once again, the truth is never sleep and soon this mystery will opening the door and we can see the truth behind that door.

Once again, do not make Gosip or talking other people badness, think if we the one who has position like Ariel and Luna Maya, did you feel comfortable? this is Artis Seksi who always want to teach manner to our Actress and the press.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop blame Luna Maya and Ariel

Please stop saying anything Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan, and please they also human and they need privacy to live they life. and please don't just talk about someone mistaken or someone fault because we all ever made a mistake and we can't avoid it.

I believe that Ariel and Luna Maya would not do such a bad thing because they Artis Seksi who always have good manner and good attitude in every chance they show on public, so stop judge them and give them a chance to prove that they are not guilty.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Go to Hell you Damn Israel

I know I'm not the good guys and I know that Artis Seksi is not nice person, but what happen yesterday when the Mer-C attack by Israel when they try to help the people on the Palestine make me want to said "Go to Hell You Damn Israel"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why everyone like Miyabi?

Why everyone seems like Miyabi? is they blind or what? Miyabi is one of the porn star and we can't just let her walkaway just like that, because she already destroy the moral of our child and our future and still why does everyone like Miyabi? this is Artis Seksi speaking.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the real life of sexy actress in their home

sexy actress argue with
this is the real life of sexy actress in their home and this is happen all the times and this time she is argue with who? ah, you can read on that sexy pictures and here it is from artis seksi.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Justin Bieber Sexy Wallpaper

justin bieber sexy wallpaper
today there is so many sexy girls is crazy about Justin Bieber, the sexy boy who always make us wondering, how can he do that and now Artis Seksi bring the Justin Bieber Sexy Wallpaper with his favorite Girls.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Bye Mrs. Ainun Habibie

Once again Indonesia lost the important person and now Mrs. Hasri Ainun Habibie who leave us forever. Ainun Habibie is former first lady in Indonesia with Mr. BJ. Habibie is former Indonesian President.

Now Artis Seksi can only said Good Bye to Mrs. Ainun Habibie and may Allah bless you.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What is your destiny Artis Seksi?

It's a long long way for Artis Seksi to find the destiny of her life and that's really take times. I hope Artis Seksi will keep her faith to live because the destiny of human being is different and we don't know what is our destiny at all.

So, what is your destiny Artis Seksi?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Bye Facebook

Today Artis Seksi already close the account on Facebook because facebook doesn't care about Islam and moslem and it's prove with group who called "Everybody Draw Muhammad Days" and I really hate facebook because of it. Goodbye Facebook!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Limitation of Me

soon I will reach the limit of me and when it comes I will do something that even my self never thought about it and with Artis Seksi, I will do something wonderful and remarkable for me and for everyone that I love.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Good Bye Mama Laurent, that's the word that Artis Seksi want to said to Mama Laurent the Indonesian "Paranormal" who always show on tv like Actress. But, every living thing must be has an end for their life so, this is the end of Mama Laurent in this world and start new beginning of other life.

Once Again, artis seksi said Good Bye Mama Laurent

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ricky Harun Sexy Wallpaper

Ricky Harun Sexy Wallpaper
Now Artis Seksi comes with Ricky Harun Sexy Wallpaper who will make every girls scream when see it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ariel Peter Pan Sexy Wallpaper

ariel peter pan cool wallpapers
For you all the girls, this is one of the best Ariel Peter Pan Wallpaper from Artis Seksi, and you can get free download of this wallpapers just by grab this Hot Pictures.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sexiest Man, Cowok Ganteng Seksi

cowok ganteng seksi
Looks like this is what I called Handsome, Cowok Ganteng Seksi, Is he a celebrity or an actor? because he is one of the most handsome man I ever see. and with this Sexy Pictures from Artis Seksi, I believe this Cowok Ganteng Seksi really one of the sexiest man in this world.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's wrong Artis Seksi

Don't know what to say now, don't know what to think and don't know how to act. Now Artis Seksi really face big big problems and this really make Artis Seksi patience is running out and almost never make this through. but with a little hope and trust to the God, Artis Seksi just hope and hope so this problem will remove soon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Bye Abah Us Us

Good Bye Abah Us Us, maybe that's the right words to said to him, the Senior Actor and Comedian from Indonesian who died last night because of sick. Every contribute and his dedicate to Indonesian Comedian and Actor will be remember by all of us, including Artis Seksi, the one who always admire him as a teacher and mentor.

Good bye Abah us us and Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No more Foto Bugil on Artis Seksi

Whenever, Whatever or anything people said about Artis Seksi, I don't care! because Artis Seksi now is different, now Artis Seksi never show any Foto Bugil or Video Mesum in this blog because she realize that something like that it's against the rule and it can't be happening again at Artis Seksi.

So with something maybe people will said boring or not interesting, Artis Seksi will keep running with one big mission. just wait and see.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vino Bastian on Artis Seksi Cowok

vino bastian artis wallpapers

Finally this idea is comes up to my head and I think I know what I have to do with Artis Seksi. from now on I will post about Artis Seksi Cowok on wallpapers, like this one "Vino Bastian Wallpapers" is begin this Artis Seksi wallpapers.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why you do that Artis Seksi?

What actually Artis Seksi after? why they want to be State Official? someone like Julia Perez, Maria Eva, Ayu Azhari or even the very famous Indonesian Sexy Actress should not involve in politic because they are the artist who always become public figure in the arts not at the politics, beside they can't only has the famous of them to become "Pejabat" or state official, they need more than only "Famous". because this Indonesian Nation need someone who really want to sacrifice everything for this nation, everything, times, money and even their life.

they question, is they ready to sacrifice all of it for the Indonesian Nation, for the Indonesian Citizen? you can answer that by your self Artis Seksi.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Its time to Vacation with Artis Seksi

When it comes to Saturday it's mean holiday times and mostly it will make Artis Seksi happy and exciting to has a holiday. but some times also Artis Seksi doesn't have good vacation because can not think clearly or sick, so Artis Seksi has to stay at home on that holiday.

But today Artis Seksi try to enjoy this moment even there is so many problem with her because too many obligation that she has to fill. But at least for the next two day she can forget all the problem and have a good vacation and hope a better day will comes in the future.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another problem for Artis Seksi

Once again Artis Seksi must face the reality that the problem Artis Seksi face is really make her mind and energy lost and its really make her depress. another problem and problems always comes to Artis Seksi in the bad times and bad situation. But, with the rest of energy and spirit that Artis Seksi had, she try to face all this problem even there is no one can help, but she believe that God will help her always.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stop Lie Artis Seksi

Just try to make something different to the world of Artis Seksi and call every Artis Seksi to back to the realty, because there is too many weird thing and too many lie in this world of Indonesian Sexy Actress. so, I just want to see Artis Seksi back to the right track without has to hurting some body if they want to get famous or anything like it.

Stop told lie and make Bad Hot Gossip to the press because that cruel thing to do.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I can't continue anymore with Artis Seksi

It's seem Artis Seksi thing doesn't interest for me anymore, because it's too many lie and too many sin there and I can carry on anymore. but, can I still remain here, or I have to leave Artis Seksi for good? I don't know how to go on anymore with Artis Seksi.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Krisdayanti want to have an Abortion?

Who is will doing an abortion? that is the rumors and Hot Gosip which is spread in the world of Artis Seksi right now. answering about that rumors, Krisdayanti the Artis Seksi who has been gossip that she want to go to Singapore for an abortion only smile, also with Yuni Shara her sisters.

Indonesian Top Artis this week is Marsha Timothy, with her sweet smile she conquer Fachry Albar the Indonesian Actor. maybe they relationship will continue more seriously, who knows? and how about Julia Perez who still want to be a Governor? I think she is insane, that's my opinion to Julia Perez.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sadar Diri dong Julia Perez

as an Artis Seksi who want to be Governor, Julia Perez suddenly transform her performance really extremely ordinary, she wearing "Jilbab" for what? it wasn't we want to talk about her past and her behavior as Artis Seksi, but for someone who doesn't have any experience plus with her profession as Artis Seksi who always make Hot Pictures and Hot Scandal in public, I think everyone has to think thousand time if want to make Julia Perez as Governor or State Officials!

and how about Anang and Syaharini relationship? is getting hot and close? who know, maybe few month or few years from now they are getting involve more seriously.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I don't want to be Artis Seksi

Actually I don't want to continue this Artis Seksi blog because it's against my principle but even without Hot Pictures it still feel doesn't right for me. but for continue this blog so I have to post for Artis Seksi and keep on going until one day I found something more reliable and valuable for myself. thanks

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sexy Lingeris from Indah Kalalo Artis Seksi

It's so many Artis Seksi who want to be a Governor in Indonesia this years, what they after? popularity? money? or anything else? who know but my opinion is if you do not have an experience to become a state officials, don't you even think that you will become state officials because there is so many complicated problem you will face not if you are become Artis Seksi.

and once again Indah Kalalo have a beauty lingerie pictures and still she is really beauty with that sexy lingerie.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rachel Maryam jadi Sombong, and Anya Dwinov has boyfriend

What happen if you are become one of the State Officials, are you changed and being arrogant? that question now ask to Rachel Maryam, one of the Indonesian Sexy Actress who become State Official because the Hot Gosip said she want to divorce with her husband because she is arrogant, is that true?

do you remember Fahrani, the Film player in Radit and Jani, she already has 35 tattoo in her body and she plan to add more it on her body. her boyfriend ask Fahrani to stop add more tattoo to her body, maybe he's afraid it can effect to her body.

and this is one of my favorite Artis Seksi, Anya Dwinov who already has boyfriend right now, congratulation to you Anya Dwinov and I hope you will get married soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hot Gosip from Sissy Pricilia Indonesian Sexy Actress

There is a Hot Gosip said that actually Krisdayanti is doesn't have relationship with Raul Lemos but with Raul Boss. there is also hot rumors that Krisdayanti has been gift by luxury home? is that true? I don't know, Artis Seksi just hear this Hot Gosip from friend of mine so, it could be true or wrong, we will see about that later.

there is also something happen with Sissy Pricilia which is her boyfriend Rifat Sungkar has to leave her for a while because Rifat has to run her duty as a racer and everyone know Rifat Sungkar is and Sissy Pricilia also know the risk when she has relationship with a racer.

Starting tomorrow Artis Seksi Ku will looks different, so be ready for it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Luna Maya: Lets make our Earth Better Place

once again Artis Seksi comes with new Hot Gossip and Hot News from Indonesian Sexy Actress which is Jennifer Dunn who get punish for 4 years in the jail because of her "sin" using drugs and I think is the most right decisions by the judges so probably Jennifer Dunn can learn something from the past. after all when we look what her behavior in the prison when she make scandal kissing with some guys I think that punishment is really nothing compare what her doing which is underestimate the law.

In other side Luna Maya is busy to promote all the people in Indonesia to make this country is back to the nature. Luna Maya and with other Artis Seksi in they action which is plant a green tree in one of the location and that's sign that in the Global Warming situations who reach the most dangerous limit she want all the people in Indonesia care about the environment. Go Luna Maya, lets make this earth is better place.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's wrong with you Artis Seksi

Keep this hope and faith to the top of our spirit it's really difficult to do and this is I think what happen to Artis Seksi. whenever Artis Seksi feel this way I really felt bad and do not know what to do. she just lock herself in the bedroom and never want to comes out even for breakfast or lunch.

I really worry about Artis Seksi situation, so when can this situation end? I don't know!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember the Tragedy of Tanjung Priok from Artis Seksi

all Artis Seksi feel sorry to what happen in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Utara. because that incident there is so many injured and die without nothing. all the Artis Indonesia Seksi really feel sorry from the bottom of our heart to every victim on that tragedy.

Please solve every problem with peace, don't use any violance against the citizen.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Verlita Evelyn want to get Divorce (Cerai)?

Verlita Evelyn, that's the name of Indonesia Sexy Actress who has been gosip that her marriage is broken. hear that Hot Gosip Verlita Evelyn just smile and told the truth about her relation with her husband which is there is no problem with us because I always open and told every problem that I have to my husband because we trust each other, that what Verlita Evelyn the Artis Seksi said to the press.

Once again Dian Sastro is been very busy to prepare her wedding party by spread the invitation. it's really make me tired also happy because I'm gonna get new life here. congratulation to Dian Sastro with her new life and of course to the lucky man who can have Dian Sastro the Indonesian Sexy Actress as her wife.

and from Hollywood, how can Demi Moore looks young, because we all know that she is not young anymore and she told that she has a secret for it, also with Hot Gossip from Angelina Jolie who told Brad Pitt to have face surgery. what? is Brad Pitt is the one who most sexiest actor in this world? but why Angelina told him to do that?

From Dewi Persik the Artis Dangdut Indonesia we have an information that she ever invite to become Wakil Bupati but she refuse because she hate politics and doesn't interesting at all with politics. I just love being Artis Seksi not politicians.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Gosip from Artis Seksi Indonesia

Wow, it's getting hot and hot the conflict between Raul Lemos and Krisdayanti (KD) and also with Ata Lemos. Artis Seksi opinion with this problem still Krisdayanti the one who has to take responsible also with Raul Lemos, because Krisdayanti know that Raul is not single, he already has a wife and child so why Krisdayanti still get involve with Raul? anything or any excuse from her, still KD has to take that Responsibility. and now Krisdayanti has to become Artis Seksi Janda Gatel who try to steal somebody husband.

Different with KD, now the conflict between Andi Soraya and Catherine Wilson (Keket) is over, they agree to end their conflict. That's the Artis Seksi Indonesia attitude, doesn't like violence, war and anything who can make us separate because we live in the same earth.

Also congratulations to Dian Sastro who want to get marry soon, I hope Dian finally meet her soul mate and this time for good. once again congratulation to Dian Sastro. and this is the Hot Gosip from Artis Seksi.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Janda Seksi Artis Indonesia

Ata Lemos, wife of Raul Lemos now sue Krisdayanti and Yuni Shara the Indonesian Sexy Singer or Artis Indonesia Seksi to the police. all of it because Krisdayanti has an affair with Raul Lemos and make her marriage broke and destroy. so Ata want Krisdayanti and Yuni Shara responsibility. but why Yuni Shara? she doesn't have any affair with Raul? that's because Yuni Shara "Janda Kembang Cantik" said something about Raul Lemos and Krisdayanti relationship.

So be careful if you has relationship with someone, make sure they are not someone else wife or husband because it's can effect your life for the rest of your life. and this is what happen to Janda Seksi Artis Indonesia, which is Krisdayanti.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maria Eva jadi Bupati juga

What's happening to Indonesia? is this nation will become Sexy Actress Nation or something? after Ayu Azhari, Julia Perez and many Artis Seksi will become "Bupati" or official at Pacitan, or other province? is that really make us wondering what is Indonesian Government think?

and now the Hot Film player which is Maria Eva also want to be an official or "Bupati" what a disaster for Indonesia. everyone know that Maria Eva is one of the Film Bokep star who has scandal with "Video Mesum" but why she still want to be part of Indonesian Government?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Congratulation to Nirina Zubir and her Kid

When you already drunk, you can do anything including doing something out of your control such as having trouble or make someone else mad or anything at all. and that's what happen to our Sexy Indonesian Actress when they get drunk they lost control and they doing something horrible that even they don't realize of it. so just stop drunk for Sexy Indonesian Actress who has bad habit of it and think thousand time if there anyone told you to drunk.

and by the way congratulations to Nirina Zubir with her daughter, I know it's late but better then nothing. Nirina Zubir do "Aqiqah" if Indonesian said and hope her daughter will be the next generation of Sexy Indonesian Actress who got talent and ability to improve the Indonesian Sexy Actress Celebrity world. not only counting on sexy body or beauty looks but also manner and attitude.

This is Artis Seksi write only to make Indonesian Sexy Actress better.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anji and Sheila Marcia has internal conflict

again and again conflict between Sheila Marcia and Anji "Drive" continue. even Anji now will talk that he is the one who make Sheila Marcia pregnant and have a baby "Leticia" but looks like Sheila Marcia is doesn't want to believe that Anji is Leticia father. maybe they should have DNA test or Genetic test, but this is Artis Seksi suggestion.

the other conflict is between Nikita and vocalist The Potter, because of money they fight each other and now one of them on the hospital mean while one of them has to responsible what they doing on the Police Station. what happen to Indonesian Sexy Actress right now? why they so easy to fight with other Artis Seksi?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot Gossip Anji Drive and Sheila Marcia

Beginning with nothing that what Sheila Marcia believe, someday the father of her daughter will comes and admit that he is the father of her daughter. until now there is no one talk that I'm the father of Sheila Marcia daughter and I will responsible to them.

The Hot Gossip said that Anji "Drive" mention as the father, the one who already make Sheila Marcia have a kid, but Anji never said that he do it and never said that he didn't do that. so just wait and see what will happen with them after Anji broke up with "Rini Idol" because of that problem we will see in the next few days what is the reaction from them.

as Artis Seksi Indonesia, Sheila Marcia good enough to solve the problem between herself and the father of her kid. so, is "Anji Drive" really the one who make Sheila Marcia having a kid?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gosip Panas Zaskia Sungkar ama Bule

what happen with Zaskia Sungkar? why her father Mark Sungkar is very angry with her? this is what happen to Zaskia Sungkar when she went home with her boyfriend and her boyfriend is foreign guy not from Indonesian. about what happen to Zaskia, Shireen Sungkar doesn't want to comment anything, she prefer to silent and don't want to get involve with those problem.

and what happen if you become a mother? maybe you will think like one, more wise, carefully and many other and just being mother and that's maybe what happen to Sheila Marcia after she become a mother. for now she not wild anymore, she is more conservative right now, but I don't know if in the next few years? usually Artis Seksi can't stand if they just stay at home without doing nothing.

If you have to finish your work as Artis Seksi professional, even you didn't come home for almost three years I think that something you have to sacrifice. and this situation happen with Donita, the Young Indonesian Sexy Actress or Artis Abg Indonesia who always to show on TV with the deadline she must reach.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jennifer Dunn Kiss on the Prison

This is one of the "Bad Action" and Bad Behavior from Indonesian Sexy Actress "Jennifer Dunn"! how can she exploit herself on the prison to the press by showing the Hot Kiss from her to some guy and she intend to do it in front of many people! this is really insane!

after get caught by the press on the past that Jennifer Dunn is kissing some guy, the one who already has wife, now Jennifer Dunn back in the action! maybe this Indonesian Sexy Actress has some intention to that guy, but believe that's not love but she want her case can easily handle without problem and she can get free from what she doing or in other word she want to get out from the prison as soon as possible. what a low moral of this Artis Seksi, Jennifer Dunn.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cinta Laura: No Problem being "Jomblo"

wwwaaww, this Young Indonesian Sexy Actress, Cinta Laura told that she has no problem to become single for this time all she said, there is nothing wrong becoming "Jomblo" beside I'm still too young Cinta Laura said when we ask about her boyfriend lately. is true if we become one of the Indonesian Sexy Actress there is always many curiosity of public about the relationship, scandal, gossip and hot news of them and we the one who provide that to the public.

and about Julia Perez or JUPE who want to become "Wakil Bupati", now there is so many HOT PICTURES of Foto Bugil of Julia Perez spread on the internet. I don't know what the meaning of it but is that the way from some people who doesn't want Julia Perez to becoming Wakil Bupati?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bams Kiss Nia on the Wedding Party and who is with Marcella

There is something weird happen in the night at Wedding Party Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie, what is it? ex boyfriend Nia Ramadhani which is Bam "Samson" comes to that party and kiss Nia in front of Ardi, I think that is Goodbye Kissing and congratulations to her.

and once again one young couple of Indonesian Sexy Actress comes up in that wedding party and they are is Ananda Mikola and Marcella Zaliyanti who ever get close in the prison because they are have the same case in that prison.

may be that's not only Hot Gosip or Rumors between them there is any relationship between Marcella Zaliyanti and Ananda Mikola. prove is they show together in that wedding party, maybe they hope they will sit on the same place like Nia and Ardi in the future.

This is Artis Seksi Ku with the Hot Gosip and Hot News from Indonesian Sexy Actress Celebrity World. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New Looks from Tyas Mirasih the Indonesian Sexy Actress

Trend Center that maybe what Tyas Mirasih want to do with her new looks. with wearing new glass now Tyas Mirasih try to get the public attention with her style and her new looks. is this Sexy Actress or Artis Seksi more sexy than before? everyone has they own opinion but for me she is still beauty and sexy as use to be.

and there is some funny thing happen when Nia Ramadhani and Ardie Bakrie want to start they "First Night" or "Malam Pertama" alias Belah Duren, they has been disturbing by their parents maybe that will make the "First Night" will be canceled and will be continue in other opportunity. ha ha ha, just be patience that night surely will comes to you both Nia Ramadhani and Ardie Bakrie and once again congratulation to both of you.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gosip Panas Artis of Titi Kamal, Aura Kasih and KD

after few years live together, Titi Kamal and Christian is not have child yet and probably that make Christian not too good because he really want to have children from Titi Kamal but that times never comes yet. so he decided as husband from Titi Kamal that Titi has to quit for temporary time from Indonesian Sexy Actress World and focus to her family. maybe she too tired and that influence us. and the other Gosip Artis is Krisdayanti mad and angry to the press when the press ask much question to Krisdayanti. but Artis Seksi never thought that KD will hit the taxy window and that make everyone know that KD is having stress or depress.

once again Sexy Actress Indonesia have problem with the law and she has to go the police station to finish that case. and this Sexy Actress is AURA KASIH the Artis Seksi Indonesia who get the case because she can't fill her contract to show on one event. Aura Kasih said that she can not perform that day because she is sick, but the one who has the contract don't want any reason and they sue Aura Kasih. and this is Artis Seksi Ku with Hot Gossip and Hot News from Indonesian Sexy Celebrity.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

happy wedding party Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie

Finally Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie become husband and wife with the glamor wedding party they become Sexy Actress couple and congratulations to both of you, Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie. beside that Hot News Artis Seksi also want to inform about Sammy Kerispatih, which is he got the better result of his punishment on his trial. Sammy "Kerispatih" has been caught when he using drugs in his friend apartment and for that act he must go to the prison to pay what he has done.

what a different story from them between Nia Ramadhani and Sammy Kerispatih. the other Sexy Actress feel the happiness and joy but the other one feel suffering inside the prison. but that's the way of Sexy Actress Life, sometimes you have to jump to the bottom of this life before you can wake again to reach the top of the world. this is Artis Seksi Ku and thanks for visiting, but if you interest to find exotic sexy pictures and cool pictures, you may visit the blog.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What? Julia Perez want to be Bupati?

This is insane, this is crazy!!! How can this nation so blind by let some ARTIS SEKSI like Julia Perez, Ayu Azhari or Sarah Azhari become one of the official in Indonesia, "Bupati or Wakil Bupati" this is really doesn't make any sense, is there nobody better than Julia Perez, Ayu Azhari, Sarah Azhari in Indonesia? what will become of this nation?

everyone know the reputation of Julia Perez, Ayu Azhari and Sarah Azhari, they are Artis Seksi who like to show they sexy body to the public, make hot scandal, and the most important they don't have any experience in the political world. Indonesia is already become Blind Nation and lead by people who doesn't want to see the Indonesian Citizen is suffering.

Is Indonesia will become one of the nation who doesn't know between the reality and dream? or we all just to blind with the power and money? please, somebody or anyone help us from beginning of destroying ourself. this is Artis Seksi Ku and I really love my country, Indonesia.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hot Gosip Dewi Persik on Film Mati di Ranjang

it's so many thing happen in the past few days and the latest is about Hot Gosip Dewi Persik on her new Hot Film called Tiran or "Mati di Ranjang" and in this Hot Movie Dewi Persik dare to show her sexy body even not "Bugil" but still that action is part of the show and make everyone wondering about Dewi Persik act.

and other comment of Yuni Shara about the relationship between Krisdayanti and Raul who definitely wrong. and there is one more Hot News and Gosip which is there is so many Indonesian Actress who getting married this month but in the next few years there will be so many Indonesian Actress who getting divorce, may be that what called "Musim Kawin Cerai".

back again to Dewi Persik who never stop to make scandal and bad movement in the world of Indonesian Sexy Celebrity and that will make her name written in the black list of Indonesian Celebrity.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Melly Zamri try the Wedding Dress

May God forgive me with all the sin that I've been made all this time and starting from today Artis Seksi Ku will gave you the more information and Pictures of Indonesian Actress, of course not "Foto Bugil" or something too hot to see. and today we will write about the Indonesian Sexy Actress who will have a wedding party in this month.

the Sexy Dancer which is Melly Zamri will have a wedding party in this month or next month maybe and she is now preparing the wedding dress for herself. even she know that her body is overweight but she has plan to reduce her fat by doing diet program which is Melly Zamri has to go to the gym everyday and follow all the instruction to make her body fat lose.

and there is another couple who want to get marry to which is Aldi Bradi and Ririn Eka Wati the Indonesian Sexy Actress or I use to call Artis Sinetron Seksi and the planing is they will have the wedding party in the next month. Hope they planing will goes smoothly and they will be reach the happiness after they married. Congratulation and have a Good Wedding Party.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Love you All from Artis Seksi

love you artis seksi
Probably this posting or update for Artis Seksi Ku is the last thing I will made, I hope everyone who ever visit this blog will understand with the limitation that Artis Seksi have. at least Artis Seksi already make a little bit color in the blogger world and I thanks for that opportunity.

To all my friend, thanks for supporting me and help me and forgive me if I made mistaken and if I said something terrible to you all. may be everything such as Hot Gossip, Hot Rumors, Hot News of Indonesian Sexy Actress will not be able to publish anymore, because maybe I will be gone already and this time, once again probably for good.

thanks and love to you all from Artis Seksi.

they called me "Gadis SMA Seksi" on the reunion party

hang out with old friend it's feel like I live in the past. we talk much, going to the theater and have lunch on the street restaurant. oh I remember when I was still Teen Girls, it was remarkable time when me still on the High School, Gadis SMA Seksi that what they called me on that times. about two days ago we have reunion invitation from the High School, and I really surprised because they still remembering me and know where I am. after packaging all the stuff I need, I go to the Jakarta, Hilton Hotel precisely and there I meet the old friend.

We talk around and have some soda and what surprising me, they still call me "Gadis SMA Seksi" and they said then I'm not changed much even that's already almost 15 years they never see me. waw, I feel that I still Hot Teen Girls and they now much about me because I have profession as Artis Seksi Indonesia and they see me often on TV.

Believe or not I'm a star on that Reunion of course with the other "Bad Guys" when they still disturbing me and keep call me "Gadis SMA Seksi". second, minutes, hours, finally that event is finish already and we really have a nice party there and I remember when they told that school is very proud of us because we still remember and want to come to that reunion event.

After everyone goes, I decided to walk first before I went home. I walk to the Train Station and on that night I really enjoy the night in Jakarta. I see there is so many light here and what a beautiful view around here. wind is keep whispering on my ear and it sound like they ask mo to walk more further to companion they in this night.

Finally I get to the Train Station and all I can remember is the good memory of Reunion with High School friend and remembering they keep called me "Gadis SMA Seksi". thanks guys for all of this moment, I will not forget this night, never.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hot Gossip Cathy Sharon and Ridho Rhoma

Back again about Hot Gossip between Cathy Sharon and Ridho Rhoma and here it is fiew interview with them. Proximity news presenter Cathy Sharon and Penyanyi Dangdut increasingly strong. Moreover Ridho admitted meeting with Cathy diligently every morning. At least for two hours. "Yeah because we train for ice skating programs and It's one in a film program.

Every morning Ridho Rhoma and Cathy had to practice from 8 until 10 am," Presenter 'Playlist' is one candidate for the opponent to play in the film Modern 'Dawai Asmara'. Ridho also praised the expertise of Julie Estelle's brother competed in the ice-skating shoes. Ridho admired the work of Cathy. As opposed to playing, Cathy is also considered to be very professional. Both are mutually supportive and encouraging. Does not Cathy will be a special friend for Modern? about further relationship? I think may be later because we both still young.

Watch Hot Gossip on TV about Indonesian Sexy Actress

When you reach the limit of your patience I don't know what would you do, but for me it's something really make me can't think of anything, I just lay down on the bed or couch and take a rest for while. then I turn on the TV watch any news, Hot News or even Hot Gossip from Sexy Actress or Artis Seksi. because I live in Indonesia so I watch Hot Gosip from Indonesian Sexy Actress. and this day I watch the Hot Gossip of Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie and also Afgan Kiss Olivia Jensen, not mention the Hot Rumors of Jenny Cortez kiss handsome man on the public and looks like she enjoy it.

Oh ya, one more thing there is also Happy Salma tips about How To Reduce Fat and the Hot Gossip from Ridho Rhoma and Cathy Sharon who getting closer to each other. After I feel a little bit relax so I'll try to have some sleep so I can refresh my brain again and waiting something which never comes to this life. Thanks for visit Artis Seksi Ku and God Bless you all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nola Ab Three: Love is Not Everything

nola ab three
trio gadis cantik
Love is not only about feeling now! at least that what Nola Ab Three said to the press answering the question about the problem between Joy Tobing and Daniel Sinambela. So for me Love is not only about how we feel but more to the future. forget about the age different or other different thing, as long as we care, know each other good or bad I think that the good thing we continue our relationship with someone we love. Maybe Nola Ab Three is one of the Artis Seksi who know much about love, because if we only rely on our feel there is possibility that's only Temporary feeling not forever. so for you all be wise if you think love is everything.

Just Having fun with Artis Seksi Ku

Maybe somebody will told me that this blog is only for them who want to looking for the Hot Pictures of Indonesian Sexy Actress, but that's wrong, absolutely wrong because Artis Seksi Ku also provide to all of you the information or Hot News at least Gossip about them. and for that information Artis Seksi Ku work hard for it and it's not easy. some how if I want to take this not seriously maybe I will be sleeping right now not post or update this blog.

and once again, this blog only bring Hot Pictures, Information of Sexy Indonesian Actress also Hot Gossip about them, nothing less and nothing more except maybe a little bit edit on the pictures just to look more sexy and beauty without have further cost. you know this blog is kind like my life insurance in the future, I hope because I really hope a lot from this Artis Seksi Ku blog even maybe some people this blog only a crap or junk but not for me.

Blogging and Editing Pictures is my hobby so I just have some fun and hope I can earn something from here. thanks to Google and Blogger who provide me this chance to make this blog and let me explore the other side of my creativity even it's only blog but this mean a lot to me. Thanks for read and listening and don't forget to visit again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Kiss from Dewi Persik to Indra Brugman

indra brugman aktor seksi
syaiful jamil and dewi persik ciuman
dewi persik and aldi taher ciuman
what is the Hot News this week? yes, once again Dewi Persik made a Hot Scandal and now with the Sexy Actor Indra Brugman. in one of the scene Hot Film, New Hot Film, Indra Brugman have to play to Kiss Dewi Persik or reverse, and what is the comment from Indra Brugman about Dewi Persik Kiss? he said, Dewi Persik really good when she kissing and the worst thing is Indra Brugman shame with his mother who know that he kissing with Dewi Persik, or maybe he is just another victim from Dewi Persik? after Syaiful Jamil and Aldi Taher?

sabria kono and rio febrian married

and then Artis Seksi will congratulate Sabria Kono and Rio Febrian who's marriage this week, the plan is they will marriage in Bangkok, Thailand to avoid problem because they are has different religion. once again Congratulation to Sabria Kono and Rio Febrian, Have a New Life.

Luna Maya the Beauty of Indonesian Sexy Actress

luna maya artis seksi serba bisa
paha mulus luna maya seksi
bodi aduhai luna maya
it's not complete if we talk about Indonesian Sexy Actress but we don't add Luna Maya as the subject, because for Artis Seksi, Luna Maya is one of the Beauty Sexy Actress who have many talent and really bless with fortune. Beside as Sexy Actress, Sexy Presenter, Sexy Hot Model she also become one of the Best Indonesian Sexy Actress and nominated for many award this years.

Even the relation with Ariel Peter Pan already known by public but Luna Maya still patience to wait and even she has a big case with Infotainment Press when she wrote about her feeling on Twitter, but she through that with professionally because she know what is good or not for herself.

Luna Maya, I think many people like this Indonesian Beauty Sexy Actress, beside she is beauty, sexy she also smart and talented one. and here it is few Hot Pictures and Sexy Image, Gambar Seksi of Luna Maya the Indonesian Sexy Actress. or maybe you can collect it as your Sexy Actress Wallpaper on your desktop.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rianti Cartwright Fight to Become Indonesian Citizen

Bibir Merah Rianti Cartwright
Cewek Seksi Rianti Cartwright
Rianti Cartwright, this Sexy Actress always show on TV often after she has own TV Show with Azis Gagap on Beauty and Azis. with her beauty and the funny thing from Azis, that show become one of my favorite beside Opera Van Java of course. Rianti Cartwright, that name is sound so English not Indonesian and not many people know that Rianti now is fighting to become Indonesian Citizen for good.

After Rianti Cartwright the Presenter Sexy reach to 18 years old, she have to decided what nation that she have to choose and Rianti choose to become Indonesian Citizen even she already has a letter that she can live in Indonesia but she need to confirm that she is the Indonesian Citizen. mostly after Rianti Cartwright become a Star, she is still fight to become Indonesian Citizen. and here it is I present to you Gambar Seksi of Rianti Cartwright, Bibir Merah Rianti Cartwright.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot Gosip between Anang and Syahrini the Sexy Singer

syahrini sexy singer
syahrini penyanyi seksi

We don't know yet what is the meaning the kissing between Syahrini the Sexy Indonesian Singer with Anang Hermansyah, ex Krisdayanti husband and also the producer of Indonesian Music. many people said that Anang is considerate kissing Syahrini to have some a little bit revenge to what Krisdayanti doing with Raul.

But other people said, that only ordinary kiss, mean there is nothing wrong with that Friendship kiss and if somebody or someone feel strange please don't make it Hot Gosip or Gosip Artis because that can make the relationship between Krisdayanti and Anang or even Syahrini worst. but that moment is very precious for the press because it's something weird happening between Anang and Syahrini the Indonesian Sexy Singer.

But that was jas a Hot Gosip between Anang and Syahrini and until now there is nothing happen to them. so this is Artis Seksi Ku with all the Hot Gosip of Indonesian Celebrity. by the way, if you like to see the Exotic Sexy Pictures, you may visit that blog.

Krisdayanti Get Angry when the Press interview KD

What's wrong with Krisdayanti or KD, why she mad to the press? the press only want to know the story so they can inform to the people what is the true? this gosip and hot news happen when Krisdayanti or KD watching some music entertainment, when the press meet her it's normally when they ask the relationship between KD and Raul.

suddenly KD get angry to the press and talk something bad to the press. after she do that, she just walkaway. if you do not ready to become an Artis Seksi or celebrities, please just quit or resign from your profession right now. I think when someone get depress they can talk anything and that what happen to Luna Maya when she talk against the press on the Twitter.

So be careful when you comment or talk to someone, because everything has a rule and manner. if you can't live with it, so just be ordinary people, don't be a Sexy Actress Celebrities or Artis Seksi.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot News of Joy Tobing who's Runaway with a Marriage Man

Might be not too many people know Joy Tobing Indonesian Sexy Singer, Penyanyi Seksi Indonesia, because her name is not too famous such as Dewi Persik or Mulan Jameela who has the same profession, maybe because Joy Tobing doesn't have too many Gosip Artis. But lately Joy Tobing has been Gosip that she runaway with some guy, her boyfriend. Gosip Artis said that man is already has a wife and kid, so the public known is Joy Tobing has destroy somebody marriage. But she confirm that the man who runaway with her already divorce so there is nothing wrong if she marriage with him. that's why love is blind.

joy tobing penyanyi seksi

Different with Joy Tobing story, Rahma Azhari has sexual harassment in the night club. we don't know the story yet, but the hot news and gosip said that Rahma Azhari and her friend drunk so she can't control herself and on that moment maybe still her friend, make a sexual harassment to her, that what Rahma Azhari said. I think she do this to improve her career again, because the name of Rahma Azhari getting drowning and drowning.
rahma azhari artis cantik nakal

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gosip Janda Seksi Cantik Krisdayanti Indonesian Diva

Krisdayanti Janda Cantik Seksi

The Gosip and Rumors already spread up to the public and Krisdayanti the Indonesian Diva or Sexy Singer who has an affair with some married man call Raul already make Krisdayanti marriage broken. many people asking the reason why is Krisdayanti do that? is it money she after or just another satisfaction? lately Krisdayanti has been Gosip Artis that she very close with Raul even she denied it but she can hide the truth.

With her new status as Janda Sexy or Sexy Widow, of course there so many man want to close with her. I don't know what is they motif but is she will be join her sister Yuni Shara to find younger man "Brondong" to fill her life with love? everything is just and still Hot Gosip right now, but from that Gosip her marriage is already broken and she has to pay for it. or is she will be remain as Janda Cantik Seksi?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gosip Panas Yuni Shara and Rafi Ahmad also Julia Perez

Yuni Shara Janda Muda Cantik Seksi
Yuni Shara and Raffi Ahmad kawin
again, this is fresh and still new! this is the Hottest Gossip between Yuni Shara and Raffi Ahmad! and this news already spread to the public. what is it? the gosip selebritis said that Yuni Shara will get married with Rafi Ahmad on the ANTV birthday! is that true or it's just a hot gossip? how can Yuni Shara Janda Muda Sexy who already get married twice get Rafi Ahmad who still single or young man or Yuni Shara like "Brondong"? there is so many gossip about they relationship but I think there is nothing wrong with they relationship, no matter how old you are, how many times you already married as long as you love each other may be it's enough for them. but anyway congratulation to Yuni Shara Janda Muda Sexy and Raffi Ahmad if that hot gosip is true.

julia perez janda cantik seksi
sexy julia perez
and once again now Julia Perez made a scandal on the new hot movie that she has been made, on that film in one of the scene Julia Perez is showing her sexy hot body and also "Adegan Mesum" which is not good to see by the public because is too hot and too sexy. who doesn't know Julia Perez with her sexy hot body and her beauty. the widow who know by public with her hit single "Belah Duren" now really make something hot on that film and I hope she realize what she's doing. with that "Hot Film" who has "Adegan Mesum" or "Adegan Panas" hope Julia Perez will survive be just fine. this is Artis Seksi report with new Hot Gosip about Yuni Shara with Rafi Ahmad and Julia Perez with her Hot Film.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot Gosip from Inul Daratista and Angeliq Dangdut Sexy Singer

This is new, the hot gosip from two Artis Dangdut Seksi which is Angeliq ex Rhoma Irama wife and Inul Daratista the Indonesian Sexy Dangdut Singer with Goyang Ngebor. what is the new gossip here? after become Janda Muda Seksi for a long time finally Angeliq show herself with some guy on the police station, and that man from Australia that's what gosip artis said, and about Inul Daratista she plan to make a new album again after she break for few years and now she will make new different album. but there is a different with the old album, maybe without Goyang Ngebor or the music is more Pop, not dangdut anymore. all of those news is still hot gossip we have to confirm first to Angeliq and Inul Daratista first, is that fair enough?

angeliq penyanyi dangdut seksi
Angeliq the Sexy Singer Indonesia

goyang ngebor inul daratistaInul Daratista si Ratu Ngebor who always be my favorite Penyanyi Dangdut and always be my great inspiration, because she is told me how to start from zero to hero, start from nothing to anything that's why I always admire Inul until now.

inul daratista goyang ngebor aduhai
This is one of the action Inul Daratista on stage where she is very totally with her style and shaking the stage and that's what i like from her.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foto Artis of Sexy Actress is mine

This mean business, and i really mean it. starting from today just watch Artis Seksi Ku move, because this will be enough for Artis Seksi only to wait and watch everyone just goes by in front of her. I know sexy actress such as Sherina Munaf, Nia Ramadhani, Dewi Persik or someone else will be the one who remarkable with they Foto Artis, but Artis Seksi will not surrender just like that without fighting back.

Artis Seksi will make something and anything to raising up and even that's mean a lot of work with Gambar Seksi, Foto Artis, Hot Pictures, Video Hot or anything to make Artis Seksi goes to the top. so just watch and see for your self in few weeks and you will be surprised with Artis Seksi position. thanks for your visiting and don't be hesitate to give your comment.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Manohara Odelia Pinot the Beauty of Indonesian Models

for the first time when I see her before becoming a wife from some stupid guys she is so beauty and sexy and she is Manohara Odelia Pinot the Beauty of Indonesian Models, but after she married with those man, the life of Manohara Odelia Pinot totally change and destroy her career as a Sexy Hot Models. and believe or not, before with those guys, Manohara already involve with Ardie Bakrie which is now will get married with Nia Ramadhani in few weeks later. and this is few Hot Sexy Pictures from Manohara Odelia Pinot.

the beauty of manohara odelia pinot
paha mulus manohara
Paha Mulus Manohara show on cams

manohara odelia pinot with sexy hot dress

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nia Ramadhani and Ardie Bakrie will Married with 100 Miliar cost

Who is the most happy couple in next two weeks? they are the hot sexy celebrities and millionaire, that's correct they are Nia Ramadhani the Hot Sexy Girls and Ardie Bakrie the Rich Man from Bakrie Family. and in the next two weeks they will be get married and gossip said that would be the most expensive marriage which cost almost 100 miliar rupiah. waw what an expensive one for marriage. anyway, congratulations for you Nia Ramadhani and Ardie Bakrie, hope you all will be bless full.

nia ramadhani and ardie bakrie hot pictures
Smile of Happiness from Nia Ramadhani and Ardie Bakrie

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Artis Seksi Business with Hot Sexy Beauty Models

Once again Artis Seksi still not finish with the business with the producers so I have to make sure all that business will be just fine and still with the Hot Pictures of Sexy Hot Models and also Foto Cewek Manis Cantik Putih Mulus Seksi.

beauty sexy model hot bikini, toket montok ngentot memek model seksi

Sexy HotModel Swimsuit is really Hot, Film Bokep Model Seksi, Video Mesum Artis
Pretty Girls making Hot Pose for Hot Pictures of Sexy Swimsuit Hot Models

Friday, March 12, 2010

Intermezzo for Artis Seksi with Hot Sexy Model

According to the phone call this morning, so Artis Seksi Ku can only post a few Hot Pictures of Sexy Actress and Hot Pictures of Hot Models. considering this is an intermezzo so please just enjoy this Hot Pictures of Sexy Actress and Hot Models. Thanks!

Beauty Hot Model Swimsuit with Toket Montok and Memek Ngentot
Sexy Hot Bikini Swimsuit Models on the Garden with only using their tight Bikini

F1 Paddock Girls Sexy Bikini
cewek SPG Cantik manis, video mesum SPG

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Salma the Indonesian Sexiest Actress

what i know is everyone is can do anything as long as they want to try the best they can do, and what Artis Seksi Ku do is trying to do the best for better result in this life. I know even its too much but at least this is what I can do. with viewing Hot Pictures of Artis Indonesia Seksi also with few information of Indonesia Sexy Actress I think Artis Seksi Ku will be just fine, but the fact is very hard to compete on Google, I don't know why, maybe because there is so many competition in this fake world.

happy salma sexy actress indonesia
Without considering how much time do I have to use for Artis Seksi, but I will gave the best by gave you all with the Hot Pictures of Indonesian Sexy Actress and Hot Models from Indonesia. such as this one which is Happy Salma the Indonesian Sexiest Actress maybe also Hot Sexy Singer, Sexy Dancer because there is so many kind the profession of Artis Indonesia Seksi. if I don't attach Foto Bugil, Video Hot or something that kind, because I only want to do the right way of blogging. thanks for supporting and have a good day.
happy salma cantik seksi hot

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gita Gutawa Sexy Young Singer yang Cantik Imut

Gita Gutawa Sexy Singer Penyanyi Seksi

Gita Gutawa, hmm I think almost everyone in Indonesia know Gita Gutawa is, but not everyone know her real name and where and where she born? not Artis Seksi Ku will gave you the information of her. her real name is Aluna Sagita Gutawa, born in Jakarta, 11 Agustus 1993, Sexy Cute Girls known as Gita Gutawa the Sexy Singer from Indonesia who has Sopran Voice and that's a special talent that she have. may be her talent is brought from her father which is Erwin Gutawa the Indonesian Composer who already made a lot of song and performance in many country.

Penyanyi Cantik Seksi Gita Gutawa Imut Cute
As new comers in the world of Indonesian Celebrities especially on Sexy Singer, Penyanyi Seksi, Gita Gutawa have been made something very great with her first album called Gita Gutawa (Self Title) and that albums has an award as The Best Album on AMI Award at years 2008. with her Sopran Voice Gita Gutawa has shaking the Indonesian Music with her action and performance, even she is still Hot Teen Girls, Gadis Seksi Cantik Imut but with her talent concord the world of Music Indonesia.

beside as Penyanyi Seksi, Sexy Singer, Gita Gutawa also play in a lot of Hot Movie, Big Screen Movie and one of those Hot Film is Love in Perth. very complete I think the talent of Gita Gutawa Sexy Singer cute imut and keep your prestige and don't let anything take it from you.

Garneta Haruni the Hot Film Sexy Actress Player

This is one of the Hot Film that Garneta Haruni ever play and this is Film Horor of Artis Seksi Indonesia. may be not too many people know who is Garnet Haruni, because her name not too often show on TV or becoming Gosip Artis. but in Big Movie, Hot Film, Hot Video, the name of Garneta Haruni is one of the star in Dunia Perfilman Indonesia. and until now she is still one of the Sexy Hot Film Actress Indonesia.

garnet haruni artis seksi indonesia, film panas garnet haruniDon't ask about Foto Bugil Garneta Haruni or Video Mesum Artis Indonesia, because Garneta is one of the Sexy Actress who focus on her job, even there is so many offer to her from many producers ask this Artis Seksi to play on the TV Sinetron, but she don't want to make her career down because too many job and contract. she want to focus on the making of Hot Film on Big Screen first maybe after few years later she will considering the offers from any producer who want to use her services.

garneta haruni artis hot sexy, foto seksi artis indonesia
Garneta Haruni is one of the consistent Indonesia Sexy Actress and hope she still like that, because it's hard to find Hot Sexy Actress on Indonesia for now, they only think about the famous and money, maybe not for Garneta Haruni the Artis Seksi Hot Film.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gracia Indri Young Beauty Sexy Actress Indonesia

I can't believe this Hot Sexy Girls is already growing up. use to be I see her is only a little girls and I know too that this Hot Sexy Girls is becoming Artis Abg Seksi. Gracia Indri, that is her name and she is one of the Hot Teen Sexy Actress Indonesia who start her career from she was a little girls and now she one of the famous hot actress Indonesia. but is there any Gambar Seksi of Gracia Indri.

gracia indri gadis seksi, gracia indri artis seksi indonesia cute, foto seksi gracia indri
From times to times Gracia Indri made herself to be ready to compete in the world of Indonesian Actress Celebrity. she has a beauty looks, sexy body, good attitude and of course she is one of the talented young girls. even she has been gosip that she ever had a Foto Bugil Gracia Indri and Video Panas Gracia Indri, but she is still keep going and going because she know that is the risk of being Indonesian Sexy Actress.

gracia indri artis seksi indonesia cute sexy, gambar seksi artis abg gracia indri
Look at her, she is very beauty isn't she? she is one of the Young Beauty Sexy Actress Indonesia who has talent and many Hot Pictures and Foto Seksi she has been made. she also one of the Hot Film Player, Artis Sinetron Seksi and also she is one of the Young Hot Models and everyone now knew who is Gracia Indri.

gracia indri artis abg seksi, foto hot artis muda gracia indriFinally even without Toket Montok Artis Abg Seksi, Gracia Indri still exist in the world of Indonesian Sexy Actress Celebrity and keep on going until now.