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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rianti Cartwright Fight to Become Indonesian Citizen

Bibir Merah Rianti Cartwright
Cewek Seksi Rianti Cartwright
Rianti Cartwright, this Sexy Actress always show on TV often after she has own TV Show with Azis Gagap on Beauty and Azis. with her beauty and the funny thing from Azis, that show become one of my favorite beside Opera Van Java of course. Rianti Cartwright, that name is sound so English not Indonesian and not many people know that Rianti now is fighting to become Indonesian Citizen for good.

After Rianti Cartwright the Presenter Sexy reach to 18 years old, she have to decided what nation that she have to choose and Rianti choose to become Indonesian Citizen even she already has a letter that she can live in Indonesia but she need to confirm that she is the Indonesian Citizen. mostly after Rianti Cartwright become a Star, she is still fight to become Indonesian Citizen. and here it is I present to you Gambar Seksi of Rianti Cartwright, Bibir Merah Rianti Cartwright.

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