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Monday, April 5, 2010

Jennifer Dunn Kiss on the Prison

This is one of the "Bad Action" and Bad Behavior from Indonesian Sexy Actress "Jennifer Dunn"! how can she exploit herself on the prison to the press by showing the Hot Kiss from her to some guy and she intend to do it in front of many people! this is really insane!

after get caught by the press on the past that Jennifer Dunn is kissing some guy, the one who already has wife, now Jennifer Dunn back in the action! maybe this Indonesian Sexy Actress has some intention to that guy, but believe that's not love but she want her case can easily handle without problem and she can get free from what she doing or in other word she want to get out from the prison as soon as possible. what a low moral of this Artis Seksi, Jennifer Dunn.

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