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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gosip Panas Artis of Titi Kamal, Aura Kasih and KD

after few years live together, Titi Kamal and Christian is not have child yet and probably that make Christian not too good because he really want to have children from Titi Kamal but that times never comes yet. so he decided as husband from Titi Kamal that Titi has to quit for temporary time from Indonesian Sexy Actress World and focus to her family. maybe she too tired and that influence us. and the other Gosip Artis is Krisdayanti mad and angry to the press when the press ask much question to Krisdayanti. but Artis Seksi never thought that KD will hit the taxy window and that make everyone know that KD is having stress or depress.

once again Sexy Actress Indonesia have problem with the law and she has to go the police station to finish that case. and this Sexy Actress is AURA KASIH the Artis Seksi Indonesia who get the case because she can't fill her contract to show on one event. Aura Kasih said that she can not perform that day because she is sick, but the one who has the contract don't want any reason and they sue Aura Kasih. and this is Artis Seksi Ku with Hot Gossip and Hot News from Indonesian Sexy Celebrity.

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