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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ayu Anjani Artis Seksi with Hot Body

Day by day ARTIS SEKSI KU have been through and today after awesome weekend that Artis Seksi get, now today to mean business. I think there is no time to waste again, I have to make every possibility on ARTIS SEKSI to get right back on the top of World Indonesian Actress Sexy. Even there is so many competitor but I will never give up and I will never accept that I have to beat by them.

Even I know I not master on that but I will push everything that Artis Seksi have to get what I want which is wealthy. and today Artis Seksi Ku come with the information of Ayu Anjani, the Hot Sexy Girls, Hot Celebrities and Artis Seksi from Indonesia.

This beauty girls is one of the Artis Seksi which always maintain her body perfect. She always do a gym at least twice a week and she can see the result which is Ayu Anjani has a Sexy Body and she also beauty. Beside play sinetron and Hot Film player, Ayu Anjani is one of the Hot Models in Indonesia beside Luna Maya or Dian Sastro, and I think she is not too bad at all.

With those beauty and sexy she have, I believe that if Ayu Anjani more focus on her career she will be more successful than Luna Maya, Dewi Persik or even Ayu Azhari. Because she has everything on her, the beauty, sexy and of course she will become the most Artis Seksi in Indonesia. So if you want to get Free Download of Hot Pictures or Foto Bugil from Artis Seksi Indonesia, may be you can visit SEKSI ARTIS.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010


When I wake up this morning, I think this is one of best thing happen in my life because me and ARTIS SEKSI, I mean SEKSI ARTIS has something from the blog and it's make me really happy and make me more and more to rise my spirit to do more for ARTIS SEKSI KU and today I will start with the information of Asty Ananta, the Young Hot Seksi Presenter.

Asty Ananta is one of Hot Sexy Presenter that Indonesia have, because she is beauty and also sexy. with her beauty and Hot Sexy Body, Asty Ananta comes to the world of Indonesian Hot Celebrities and start to work on it. Asty Ananta is also one of the ARTIS SEKSI in Indonesia.

There is so many road that Asty has too face even she is a little sister from Lia Ananta but this ARTIS SEKSI don't want just famous like that without work hard and she start to follow any contest and from there this SEKSI ARTIS finally made up to become TOP ARTIS in Indonesia.

In her private lifes Asty Ananta also ever has relationship with Yuliansyah but that relationship doesn't run like what they hope, they separate and that make something Skandal Artis Seksi for Asty Ananta. there is so many Sinetron and TV show that Asty Ananta brought and she is one of the best to do her job. and now lets see a little bit information about her.

Sinetron :
  • Ksatria Banjaran
  • Sebatas Impian
  • Darah Membara
  • Cewek Komersil
  • Cinta Anak Kampus
May be enough for today and hope in the other days ARTIS SEKSI KU will give you more information of ARTIS INDONESIA SEKSI. If you want to see other side of SEKSI ARTIS, you may visit my other blogs, thanks.

Friday, January 29, 2010


This day ARTIS SEKSI KU will write about the Artis Seksi from Indonesia, the Hot Celebrities and Hot Actress who always make scandal and full with Gosip and rumors, including her sisters even her families. we can mention Sarah Azhari, Rahma Azhari, they are also Artis Top from Indonesia who never free from Gosip and Rumors, of course Gosip Panas.

Ayu Azhari ever said that if someone want to be Actress or Artis Seksi, they not only need a beauty looks, hot sexy body, but they have to get more than it which is brain and luck, and Ayu Azhari feel lucky that she can be one of the most popular actress sexy in Indonesia.

Now Ayu Azhari is has an obsession to become Wakil Bupati in Sukabumi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia and that obsession has many critic from people in Indonesia. Why? Because she is Hot Models, and Artis Panas? I think so, because most people said that Ayu Azhari is not good enough from her behavior to be Wakil Bupati, not because she is Artis Panas or Hot Model, but because her behavior who close with night life, night club and of course drunk.

I think almost everyone know that Ayu Azhari is good in the world of Indonesian Actress Celebrities, but not for Wakil Bupati. So, do you pro or contra with Ayu Azhari obsession? or what your opinions about her as Artis Top, Artis Panas and Hot Models? Is she good enough to be Wakil Bupati? Ok, that's an information for all of you about Ayu Azhari from ARTIS SEKSI KU, or you can visit the other blog at SEKSI ARTIS.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


ASMIRANDAH ZANTMAN.... is it right her names, but it's ok, everyone make mistaken and I know it's hard to spell this ARTIS SEKSI KU names such as ASMIRANDAH. Even Asmirandah is only Teen Girls, but she is already become ARTIS TOP from Indonesia.

Once again she is one of the Artis Seksi and Artis Top from Indonesia, and she is one of Sexy Teen Actress beside other Hot Young Teen Girls. Asmirandah Zantman born in Jakarta, and she is also has very good career in Dunia Sinetron Indonesia.

After few years she run in the world of celebrities of Indonesia, Asmirandah become ARTIS TOP from Indonesia and she is one of the beauty and sexy actress even she is still young girls. Beside as Actress Sinetron or Artis Sinetron, Asmirandah also Model, yes Hot Models from Indonesia.

and if you want a little bit information about Asmirandah Zantman, you can see down here.
  • Kawin Gantung
  • Inikah Rasanya?
  • Cinta SMU 2
  • Arti Cinta
  • Maha Kasih
  • Kau Masih Kekasihku
  • Wulan
  • Surga-Mu
  • Baby Doll
  • Melody
  • Nona Dewa
  • Hingga Akhir Waktu
  • Pelangi
  • Namaku Mentari
  • Sekar
  • Melati untuk Marvel
  • Nikita
Just for information, this is the sites when you want to see another ARTIS SEKSI and ARTIS TOP. Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Finally I get an idea to continue this ARTIS SEKSI KU blog and I think this is cool one, and I believe this will work an can compete with all SEKSI ARTIS. and today we start again from beginning from A to Z, and now we start from A.


AURA KASIH, she is one of the Artis Seksi from Indonesia who always perform Hot and sexy, and Aura Kasih is one of the Sexy Actress from Indonesia. and in Indonesia she has title as ARTIS SEKSI 2009 from the audience and public in Indonesia.

with her sexy body Aura Kasih start her career with modeling and after that she start try her singer career and the result is amazing. Many producer now use Aura Kasih as they Artis Seksi to promote they product and she is one of the best entertainer in Indonesia.

When almost Artis Seksi try to survive in the world of Indonesian Celebrity, Aura Kasih keep her action and knock all the wall in front of her and she is now in the top of her career as Selebritis Seksi Indonesia. no wonder if there is a lot of man want's her to be they Sexy Girls, Sexy Actress and Artis Seksi, and that's why she get title ARTIS SEKSI 2009.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seksi Artis Hollywood and Indonesia Hot Bugil

Artis Seksi Ku now back with some more Hot Pictures from Indonesian Celebrity and Hollywood Celebrity and with those Hot Pictures you can imagine them with you to do anything. And Artis Seksi Ku will give you the most Hot Pictures in the world without any Seksi Artis or Sexy Actress will beat they sexiest body.

Artis Seksi Ku has more more Hot Pictures, Foto Bugil, Gambar Panas and of course you can download Hot Pictures of Seksi Artis from Artis Seksi Ku, other wise you can visit Seksi Artis. So when you already find the Hottest Sexy Actress Pictures, don't forget to tell your friends and to all the world from the internet.

I believe you will like Artis Seksi Ku, because with this blog you can see through to Seksi Artis and you will find the most sexiest actress in the world, even Hollywood Actress or Indonesian Sexiest Actress is nothing compare to this Seksi Artis. Do not believe it, just visit SEKSI ARTIS.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Foto Mesum Artis Seksi of Indonesia

In this ARTIS SEKSI KU I will give you the Hottest Sexy Actress you ever seen on earth, and I believe you all will agree with me about who is the most sexiest ARTIS SEKSI in the world. Doesn't matter they are Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, because they are nothing compare to this ARTIS SEKSI.

I know when you look this Hot Pictures and Hot Images of Artis Seksi, you will said wow, what a Beauty what a sexy actress. may be in Indonesia Artis Seksi such as Julia Perez, Sandra Dewi, Sarah Azhari, Ayu Azhari will agree with my opinion, and this is reality not fake pictures.

may be some people will edit they Hot Pictures and Hot Images to show they have Seksi Artis or Sexiest Actress Pictures ever, but me? I will never make those kind of thing. this SEKSI ARTIS is natural and not fake. they are really Bugil and Hot.

so, just CLICK HERE if you curious with those HOT PICTURES of SEKSI ARTIS, especially Artis Indonesia Seksi.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


When I go to the weekend on the village yesterday with ARTIS SEKSI, I have a chance to see the process of casting. Yes, ARTIS SEKSI from Indonesia follow that cast to have the good part or main part on that scene.

ARTIS SEKSI know that was a hard competition but who care, because what we need is ability and of course SEXY BODY and HOT SEXY or Beauty looks. Beside the way we look that opportunity not as something make us heavy but as an experience for SEKSI ARTIS.

Bay the way, if you curious to see how those cast going on, you may visit on SEKSI ARTIS or you can see by yourself on Google. After all you will satisfied with all those thing, I mean with all those hot pictures, hot images of SEKSI ARTIS. And today even better from tomorrow.

But one thing for sure is, everyday ARTIS SEKSI is getting sexy, hot and beauty. I don't know how but if you don't believe it, you may see all of it right HERE.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


May be today ARTIS SEKSI KU will not gave you the Hot Pictures or Hot Image from Indonesian Actress or Sexy Actress, but you dont' have to worry about that, there is a lot of Hot Pictures, Hot Sexy Pictures, Foto Bugil, Gambar Seksi, or anything like that in this SEKSI ARTIS blog.

When you need to search for the sexiest actress on earth, you may know that SEKSI ARTIS or ARTIS SEKSI KU is one of the best blog to provide it. so don't be so hesitate if you want to looking for Artis Seksi from Indonesia or around the world.

in SEKSI ARTIS, you'll find a lot of Hot Pictures and Hot Image from around the world, do not believe it, just click HERE. and you will believe it. so this ARTIS SEKSI ku is really will make you satisfied with Hot Pictures of ARTIS SEKSI or Sexy Actress, even you don't need 17 tahun to see this. there is no sex or adult, its just Hot Pictures of ARTIS SEKSI.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Finally Artis Seksi have to face the reality that Artis Seksi can't do anything to change this situation, and I know may be this has been already Artis Seksi faith. but, whatever it is, Artis Seksi will keep fight until the end of this life and I know it's must be take a lot of strength and times but I will keep this faith.

I know that Artis Seksi will have no chance if have to fight against the faith, but Artis Seksi will make it comes true, and believe me, I will do the best I can do and give the best I can do. So, here it is Artis Seksi coming back and will fight anyone who intervene the way. Even it's will cost this life, I now that Artis Seksi will pass this situations.

Just for the information, starting tomorrow Artis Seksi will back with Hot Gossip, Gosip Panas, Gosip Hangat, Hot News and Hot Opinions and believe me, this time will be the best of Artis Seksi master art. And to all of you, just wait and keep visiting Artis Seksi Ku.

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ARTIS SEKSI KU, hmmm.... this is the word very good if we in Indonesia, because those word mean Sexy Actress and something like that. Artis Seksi is one of the most popular search in Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engine, because this is the most people search beside Sport.

ARTIS SEKSI is one of the word who make some Actress feel Sexy, because they have that symbol as a Sexy Actress or ARTIS SEKSI. Artis Seksi is have to be beauty and Sexy, they body, they mind, they attitude and of course they looks. Because to become Artis Seksi is need something more than just a Hot Sexy Body or Beauty Looks.

ARTIS SEKSI is very familiar with word SEXY and HOT, because most the Artis Seksi is Beauty and have a very good body or we can call it Sexy. Mostly who looking for the word Artis Seksi is man or dude, because they want to have a fantasy with Artis Seksi or they can imagine that Artis Seksi is they Girl or they Hot Girl. ha ha ha ha .... very poor guys.....

Thanks for visiting this Artis Seksi Ku.

Friday, January 15, 2010


After I think and think again for so long, almost three months I abandon this blog, so I have to make decision and the decision is I will keep blogging and I believe I will find the way to survive. and on this ARTIS SEKSI KU, I rely on it on this blog.

I know when I'm too busy to do my work, I have no chance to do blogging, even browsing or use the Internet connection, I even think that I want to delete my google account, but once again I change my mind and start today I will do blogging again, because I have to think to the future not the past.

I know that the other ARTIS SEKSI ever fall down, but I believe that was an experience who will make you stronger and stronger, so this is the first update and posting after almost more than three months and after this, I will come back.