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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rachel Maryam jadi Sombong, and Anya Dwinov has boyfriend

What happen if you are become one of the State Officials, are you changed and being arrogant? that question now ask to Rachel Maryam, one of the Indonesian Sexy Actress who become State Official because the Hot Gosip said she want to divorce with her husband because she is arrogant, is that true?

do you remember Fahrani, the Film player in Radit and Jani, she already has 35 tattoo in her body and she plan to add more it on her body. her boyfriend ask Fahrani to stop add more tattoo to her body, maybe he's afraid it can effect to her body.

and this is one of my favorite Artis Seksi, Anya Dwinov who already has boyfriend right now, congratulation to you Anya Dwinov and I hope you will get married soon.

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