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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gosip Panas Zaskia Sungkar ama Bule

what happen with Zaskia Sungkar? why her father Mark Sungkar is very angry with her? this is what happen to Zaskia Sungkar when she went home with her boyfriend and her boyfriend is foreign guy not from Indonesian. about what happen to Zaskia, Shireen Sungkar doesn't want to comment anything, she prefer to silent and don't want to get involve with those problem.

and what happen if you become a mother? maybe you will think like one, more wise, carefully and many other and just being mother and that's maybe what happen to Sheila Marcia after she become a mother. for now she not wild anymore, she is more conservative right now, but I don't know if in the next few years? usually Artis Seksi can't stand if they just stay at home without doing nothing.

If you have to finish your work as Artis Seksi professional, even you didn't come home for almost three years I think that something you have to sacrifice. and this situation happen with Donita, the Young Indonesian Sexy Actress or Artis Abg Indonesia who always to show on TV with the deadline she must reach.

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