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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dewi Persik Janda Lagi

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Today Artis Seksi Ku will have something to write about this Artis Seksi, and she is the one and only Dewi Persik the Artis Dangdut who famous with "Goyang Gergaji".

After her divorcing with Syaiful Jamil, Dewi Persik the artis dangdut indonesia seksi married with Aldi Taher, and believe it, it's really short time when she decided to get married again for a woman. And like everyone thought that Dewi Persik marriage with Aldi is not last long enough and today that thought is become reality.

Today, Dewi Persik is a widow again, Janda Muda seksi, and she is can't be contact or talk about that divorce with Aldi Taher, why? no one know why, but almost everyone already know what the reason that Dewi Persik the Artis Dangdut Seksi divorce with Aldi.

may be she don't want loose with Kris Dayanti about hot gosip and hot news in TV, so she decided to make her own story, her own gosip so she can be more famous and famous, but what for?

Ok, that's enough a little bit story about Perceraian Dewi Persik from Artis Seksi Ku, thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Annisa Bahar Artis Dangdut Seksi

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May be almost everyone who love dangdut music know who she is, and Artis Seksi Ku now will bring her on and this time this Artis Dangdut Seksi will fill the Artis Seksi Ku blog with some hot information and gosip about her.

Annisa Bahar, that's her name and she is one of the Top Artis Dangdut from Indonesia and people knowing her with her ability to make "Goyang Patah-patah" and "Goyang Dangdut" with hot dance and beauty movement of her sexy body.

Beside she have beauty body and voice, Anisa Bahar also make something valuable in the world of Artis Indonesia, because she already contribute very big thing, like her song, her dancing and her news, rumors and gosip, including the divorce between annisa bahar and her husband.

So many albums that annisa bahar already made, and this time Artis Seksi Ku can't give that information, because the limitation of the information source but anyway, hope all of you like and enjoy it.

Monday, September 28, 2009


After take a break for quiet long time, almost a month, now ARTIS SEKSI KU start to get ON AIR again and starting tomorrow ARTIS SEKSI KU will continue update with the Artis Seksi Indonesia from A to Z and of course with some new hot news and gossip also Gosip Selebritis.

And believe me, Artis Seksi Ku will provide to you the hottest and the seksi pictures of Artis Indonesia Seksi like Julia Perez, Aura Kasih, Sarah Azhari, Wiwid Gunawan and many more and that special bring it for all of you who adore and love the sexy of Artis Indonesia.

And talk about Artis Seksi Indonesia is never be enough for us, seeing hot pictures and gambar seksi of Artis Seksi Indonesia is never be satisfied enough for us, because we want more and more. and the latest news and gossip is about divorce of Anang Hermansyah and Kris Dayanti, the Indonesian Diva, Artis and Penyanyi Seksi Indonesia. so that kind of news and gosip will present by Artis Seksi Ku.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Melepas Rindu pada Artis Seksi Ku

Today I really can't help to get posting even this is "Ramadhan", because there is weird and funny thing is happen around ARTIS SEKSI Ku, and I can only said what a shame for young children right know. And today Artis Seksi Ku didn't make any post about Artis Indonesia Seksi or Artis Seksi from Indonesia, because I respect Ramadhan.

I know there is a lot of situation and news or Gosip already spread in the world of Dunia Artis Indonesia, including the big one is the divorce between Anang Hermansyah and Kris Dayanti or KD. and there is so many reason including from their child that explain what cost the divorce or perceraian between two of them, Anang and Krisdayanti, I believe all of you know because there is so many news and Gosip about them.

So, now Artis Seksi Ku update only try to release my tought so we can share it, and I will continue post about Artis Indonesia Seksi after Ramadhan. thank you for visiting.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angel Karamoy Artis Sinetron Seksi and Cantik

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When she comes in TV for the first time, I don't think she will be an actress, sexy actress, but my guest is wrong, she is now become Artis Indonesia Seksi and she is Angel Karamoy, use to be she is Artis Abg Seksi. Angelina Karamoy, that's her real name, born in Manado, 16 Januari 1987 and she known as Angel Karamoy. as Artis Seksi, young one, Angel already make a lot contribution for the world of Artis Indonesia Seksi, and what she produce at the sinetron is may be more than enough to show that this Indonesian Actress Sexy is worth something.

But, I don't know why this Artis Seksi choose to marriage in the young of age, or because she will marriage to some milyuner or rich man, so she accept that propose. In 26 Januari 2008, finally this Artis Indonesia Seksi, angel karamoy is marriage with Steven Mc James Rumangkang. And the rumor or gosip said that they already marriage at April 2007, but that's their life, so be it.

here it is few Sinetron or Film on TV that Angel Karamoy already been play :
  • Bidadari 3
  • Saras 008
  • Pelangi di Matamu 2
  • Demi Cinta
  • Hati Di Pucuk Pelangi
  • Ada Apa Dengan Pelangi
  • ABC&D
  • Daun Daun Kering
  • Biar Cinta Bicara
  • Anak Pungut
  • Kala Cinta Menggoda
  • Kurindu Jiwaku
  • Dunia Belum Kiamat
  • Seleb I'm In Love
  • Maha Cinta
  • Mujizat Itu Nyata
  • Chelsea
  • Hidayah eps Bawang Putih Tiri
  • Cinta Fitri 2
  • Cinta Fitri 3
Ok, thanks for visiting Artis Seksi Ku blog and enjoy it.