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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hot Gosip between Anang and Syahrini the Sexy Singer

syahrini sexy singer
syahrini penyanyi seksi

We don't know yet what is the meaning the kissing between Syahrini the Sexy Indonesian Singer with Anang Hermansyah, ex Krisdayanti husband and also the producer of Indonesian Music. many people said that Anang is considerate kissing Syahrini to have some a little bit revenge to what Krisdayanti doing with Raul.

But other people said, that only ordinary kiss, mean there is nothing wrong with that Friendship kiss and if somebody or someone feel strange please don't make it Hot Gosip or Gosip Artis because that can make the relationship between Krisdayanti and Anang or even Syahrini worst. but that moment is very precious for the press because it's something weird happening between Anang and Syahrini the Indonesian Sexy Singer.

But that was jas a Hot Gosip between Anang and Syahrini and until now there is nothing happen to them. so this is Artis Seksi Ku with all the Hot Gosip of Indonesian Celebrity. by the way, if you like to see the Exotic Sexy Pictures, you may visit that blog.

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