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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Andhara Early Artis Seksi Janda Muda Cantik

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andhara early artis seksi cantik imut manis
artis seksi imut cantik manis janda muda

Today Artis Seksi Ku want write something about Andhara Early, the Indonesian Sexy Actress or I use to call Artis Seksi Cantik Manis Imut. born in Balikpapan, 11 September 1979, Andhara is one of the Top Artis and Hot Models from Indonesia. even of course it's so many things that Andhara can make everything well but, Andhara is one of my favorite Actress.

Beside as Top Model and Hot Models, Andhara Early is also Artis Indonesia Seksi who play in Sinetron and Hot Film. and from there Andhara keep her move in Dunia Artis Indonesia. and once more Andhara also become a host for few TV station.

But her private life is not easy like her career. she have failed with her marriage twice and she is now single parent. but that don't make her stop to make the contribution for the world of Indonesian Celebrity. Beside for make something for her child, Andhara also fight for all the Gosip and rumors that have been throw to her.

here it is few contribution that Andhara Early made.

Cinema or Sinetron
  • LUV
and she now active become a host in INBOX Show. Ok, that's it for now, and Artis Seksi Ku thanks to all of you who visiting this blog.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Andi Soraya Artis Seksi nan Cantik

gambar foto seksi artis indonesia, foto syur andi soraya
artis indonesia seksi andi soraya
andi soraya artis seksi

who's the man who doesn't want her, even when you for the first time meet her. she is andi soraya, the artis indonesia seksi and she is really beauty for me. with her beauty, she start to make any sensation in the world of Artis Indonesia. and today Artis Seksi Ku will gave all of you a little information about her.

this Artis Seksi Indonesia, andi soraya born in Jakarta, 18 June 1976, and she is one of the Artis Indonesia Seksi. Andi Soraya began her career in the world of Indonesian Actress when she play a Sinetron in one of the TV station call "Air Mata Terakhir", and from there her career is rising and there is a lot of product use her as an icon.

Andi Soraya, this name is really hard to forgot, because beside she is beauty, she also a sexy girls, sexy woman and of course Artis Indonesia Seksi. andi soraya ever get married once, but unfortunately her marriage is broke, and now she live together with Steve Emmanuel, one of the Artis Indonesia and they are not married yet, because Andi Soraya still doesn't want it, she is still trauma.

but, behind her beauty and seksi, andi soraya also have bad temper, she ever get involve with the law because she have fight with other Artis Seksi like Dewi Persik and Catherine Wilson and may be that's what make her career never good enough. but however this is few Hot Film and Sinetron that Andi Soraya the Artis Indonesia Seksi ever played.

  • Anda Puas, Saya Loyo
  • Hantu Aborsi
  • Ku Tunggu Jandamu
  • Susuk Pocong
  • Mau Dong Ah

  • Reinkarnasi
  • Air Mata Terakhir
  • Gerhana
  • Kasih
  • Harga Diri 2
  • Tiga Orang Perempuan
  • Aku Dan Dia
  • Sepatu Kaca
may be only this information that Artis Seksi Ku can gave to all of you, and hope you all satisfied with it, and thanks for visiting.