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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What? Julia Perez want to be Bupati?

This is insane, this is crazy!!! How can this nation so blind by let some ARTIS SEKSI like Julia Perez, Ayu Azhari or Sarah Azhari become one of the official in Indonesia, "Bupati or Wakil Bupati" this is really doesn't make any sense, is there nobody better than Julia Perez, Ayu Azhari, Sarah Azhari in Indonesia? what will become of this nation?

everyone know the reputation of Julia Perez, Ayu Azhari and Sarah Azhari, they are Artis Seksi who like to show they sexy body to the public, make hot scandal, and the most important they don't have any experience in the political world. Indonesia is already become Blind Nation and lead by people who doesn't want to see the Indonesian Citizen is suffering.

Is Indonesia will become one of the nation who doesn't know between the reality and dream? or we all just to blind with the power and money? please, somebody or anyone help us from beginning of destroying ourself. this is Artis Seksi Ku and I really love my country, Indonesia.

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