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Friday, March 19, 2010

Gosip Janda Seksi Cantik Krisdayanti Indonesian Diva

Krisdayanti Janda Cantik Seksi

The Gosip and Rumors already spread up to the public and Krisdayanti the Indonesian Diva or Sexy Singer who has an affair with some married man call Raul already make Krisdayanti marriage broken. many people asking the reason why is Krisdayanti do that? is it money she after or just another satisfaction? lately Krisdayanti has been Gosip Artis that she very close with Raul even she denied it but she can hide the truth.

With her new status as Janda Sexy or Sexy Widow, of course there so many man want to close with her. I don't know what is they motif but is she will be join her sister Yuni Shara to find younger man "Brondong" to fill her life with love? everything is just and still Hot Gosip right now, but from that Gosip her marriage is already broken and she has to pay for it. or is she will be remain as Janda Cantik Seksi?

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