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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Verlita Evelyn want to get Divorce (Cerai)?

Verlita Evelyn, that's the name of Indonesia Sexy Actress who has been gosip that her marriage is broken. hear that Hot Gosip Verlita Evelyn just smile and told the truth about her relation with her husband which is there is no problem with us because I always open and told every problem that I have to my husband because we trust each other, that what Verlita Evelyn the Artis Seksi said to the press.

Once again Dian Sastro is been very busy to prepare her wedding party by spread the invitation. it's really make me tired also happy because I'm gonna get new life here. congratulation to Dian Sastro with her new life and of course to the lucky man who can have Dian Sastro the Indonesian Sexy Actress as her wife.

and from Hollywood, how can Demi Moore looks young, because we all know that she is not young anymore and she told that she has a secret for it, also with Hot Gossip from Angelina Jolie who told Brad Pitt to have face surgery. what? is Brad Pitt is the one who most sexiest actor in this world? but why Angelina told him to do that?

From Dewi Persik the Artis Dangdut Indonesia we have an information that she ever invite to become Wakil Bupati but she refuse because she hate politics and doesn't interesting at all with politics. I just love being Artis Seksi not politicians.

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