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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Melly Zamri try the Wedding Dress

May God forgive me with all the sin that I've been made all this time and starting from today Artis Seksi Ku will gave you the more information and Pictures of Indonesian Actress, of course not "Foto Bugil" or something too hot to see. and today we will write about the Indonesian Sexy Actress who will have a wedding party in this month.

the Sexy Dancer which is Melly Zamri will have a wedding party in this month or next month maybe and she is now preparing the wedding dress for herself. even she know that her body is overweight but she has plan to reduce her fat by doing diet program which is Melly Zamri has to go to the gym everyday and follow all the instruction to make her body fat lose.

and there is another couple who want to get marry to which is Aldi Bradi and Ririn Eka Wati the Indonesian Sexy Actress or I use to call Artis Sinetron Seksi and the planing is they will have the wedding party in the next month. Hope they planing will goes smoothly and they will be reach the happiness after they married. Congratulation and have a Good Wedding Party.

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