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Monday, April 12, 2010

Janda Seksi Artis Indonesia

Ata Lemos, wife of Raul Lemos now sue Krisdayanti and Yuni Shara the Indonesian Sexy Singer or Artis Indonesia Seksi to the police. all of it because Krisdayanti has an affair with Raul Lemos and make her marriage broke and destroy. so Ata want Krisdayanti and Yuni Shara responsibility. but why Yuni Shara? she doesn't have any affair with Raul? that's because Yuni Shara "Janda Kembang Cantik" said something about Raul Lemos and Krisdayanti relationship.

So be careful if you has relationship with someone, make sure they are not someone else wife or husband because it's can effect your life for the rest of your life. and this is what happen to Janda Seksi Artis Indonesia, which is Krisdayanti.

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