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Monday, April 19, 2010

Luna Maya: Lets make our Earth Better Place

once again Artis Seksi comes with new Hot Gossip and Hot News from Indonesian Sexy Actress which is Jennifer Dunn who get punish for 4 years in the jail because of her "sin" using drugs and I think is the most right decisions by the judges so probably Jennifer Dunn can learn something from the past. after all when we look what her behavior in the prison when she make scandal kissing with some guys I think that punishment is really nothing compare what her doing which is underestimate the law.

In other side Luna Maya is busy to promote all the people in Indonesia to make this country is back to the nature. Luna Maya and with other Artis Seksi in they action which is plant a green tree in one of the location and that's sign that in the Global Warming situations who reach the most dangerous limit she want all the people in Indonesia care about the environment. Go Luna Maya, lets make this earth is better place.

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