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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hot Gossip Anji Drive and Sheila Marcia

Beginning with nothing that what Sheila Marcia believe, someday the father of her daughter will comes and admit that he is the father of her daughter. until now there is no one talk that I'm the father of Sheila Marcia daughter and I will responsible to them.

The Hot Gossip said that Anji "Drive" mention as the father, the one who already make Sheila Marcia have a kid, but Anji never said that he do it and never said that he didn't do that. so just wait and see what will happen with them after Anji broke up with "Rini Idol" because of that problem we will see in the next few days what is the reaction from them.

as Artis Seksi Indonesia, Sheila Marcia good enough to solve the problem between herself and the father of her kid. so, is "Anji Drive" really the one who make Sheila Marcia having a kid?

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