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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Gosip from Artis Seksi Indonesia

Wow, it's getting hot and hot the conflict between Raul Lemos and Krisdayanti (KD) and also with Ata Lemos. Artis Seksi opinion with this problem still Krisdayanti the one who has to take responsible also with Raul Lemos, because Krisdayanti know that Raul is not single, he already has a wife and child so why Krisdayanti still get involve with Raul? anything or any excuse from her, still KD has to take that Responsibility. and now Krisdayanti has to become Artis Seksi Janda Gatel who try to steal somebody husband.

Different with KD, now the conflict between Andi Soraya and Catherine Wilson (Keket) is over, they agree to end their conflict. That's the Artis Seksi Indonesia attitude, doesn't like violence, war and anything who can make us separate because we live in the same earth.

Also congratulations to Dian Sastro who want to get marry soon, I hope Dian finally meet her soul mate and this time for good. once again congratulation to Dian Sastro. and this is the Hot Gosip from Artis Seksi.

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