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Friday, March 26, 2010

they called me "Gadis SMA Seksi" on the reunion party

hang out with old friend it's feel like I live in the past. we talk much, going to the theater and have lunch on the street restaurant. oh I remember when I was still Teen Girls, it was remarkable time when me still on the High School, Gadis SMA Seksi that what they called me on that times. about two days ago we have reunion invitation from the High School, and I really surprised because they still remembering me and know where I am. after packaging all the stuff I need, I go to the Jakarta, Hilton Hotel precisely and there I meet the old friend.

We talk around and have some soda and what surprising me, they still call me "Gadis SMA Seksi" and they said then I'm not changed much even that's already almost 15 years they never see me. waw, I feel that I still Hot Teen Girls and they now much about me because I have profession as Artis Seksi Indonesia and they see me often on TV.

Believe or not I'm a star on that Reunion of course with the other "Bad Guys" when they still disturbing me and keep call me "Gadis SMA Seksi". second, minutes, hours, finally that event is finish already and we really have a nice party there and I remember when they told that school is very proud of us because we still remember and want to come to that reunion event.

After everyone goes, I decided to walk first before I went home. I walk to the Train Station and on that night I really enjoy the night in Jakarta. I see there is so many light here and what a beautiful view around here. wind is keep whispering on my ear and it sound like they ask mo to walk more further to companion they in this night.

Finally I get to the Train Station and all I can remember is the good memory of Reunion with High School friend and remembering they keep called me "Gadis SMA Seksi". thanks guys for all of this moment, I will not forget this night, never.

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