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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Krisdayanti Get Angry when the Press interview KD

What's wrong with Krisdayanti or KD, why she mad to the press? the press only want to know the story so they can inform to the people what is the true? this gosip and hot news happen when Krisdayanti or KD watching some music entertainment, when the press meet her it's normally when they ask the relationship between KD and Raul.

suddenly KD get angry to the press and talk something bad to the press. after she do that, she just walkaway. if you do not ready to become an Artis Seksi or celebrities, please just quit or resign from your profession right now. I think when someone get depress they can talk anything and that what happen to Luna Maya when she talk against the press on the Twitter.

So be careful when you comment or talk to someone, because everything has a rule and manner. if you can't live with it, so just be ordinary people, don't be a Sexy Actress Celebrities or Artis Seksi.

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