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Friday, April 9, 2010

Congratulation to Nirina Zubir and her Kid

When you already drunk, you can do anything including doing something out of your control such as having trouble or make someone else mad or anything at all. and that's what happen to our Sexy Indonesian Actress when they get drunk they lost control and they doing something horrible that even they don't realize of it. so just stop drunk for Sexy Indonesian Actress who has bad habit of it and think thousand time if there anyone told you to drunk.

and by the way congratulations to Nirina Zubir with her daughter, I know it's late but better then nothing. Nirina Zubir do "Aqiqah" if Indonesian said and hope her daughter will be the next generation of Sexy Indonesian Actress who got talent and ability to improve the Indonesian Sexy Actress Celebrity world. not only counting on sexy body or beauty looks but also manner and attitude.

This is Artis Seksi write only to make Indonesian Sexy Actress better.

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