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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot News of Joy Tobing who's Runaway with a Marriage Man

Might be not too many people know Joy Tobing Indonesian Sexy Singer, Penyanyi Seksi Indonesia, because her name is not too famous such as Dewi Persik or Mulan Jameela who has the same profession, maybe because Joy Tobing doesn't have too many Gosip Artis. But lately Joy Tobing has been Gosip that she runaway with some guy, her boyfriend. Gosip Artis said that man is already has a wife and kid, so the public known is Joy Tobing has destroy somebody marriage. But she confirm that the man who runaway with her already divorce so there is nothing wrong if she marriage with him. that's why love is blind.

joy tobing penyanyi seksi

Different with Joy Tobing story, Rahma Azhari has sexual harassment in the night club. we don't know the story yet, but the hot news and gosip said that Rahma Azhari and her friend drunk so she can't control herself and on that moment maybe still her friend, make a sexual harassment to her, that what Rahma Azhari said. I think she do this to improve her career again, because the name of Rahma Azhari getting drowning and drowning.
rahma azhari artis cantik nakal

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