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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gosip Panas Yuni Shara and Rafi Ahmad also Julia Perez

Yuni Shara Janda Muda Cantik Seksi
Yuni Shara and Raffi Ahmad kawin
again, this is fresh and still new! this is the Hottest Gossip between Yuni Shara and Raffi Ahmad! and this news already spread to the public. what is it? the gosip selebritis said that Yuni Shara will get married with Rafi Ahmad on the ANTV birthday! is that true or it's just a hot gossip? how can Yuni Shara Janda Muda Sexy who already get married twice get Rafi Ahmad who still single or young man or Yuni Shara like "Brondong"? there is so many gossip about they relationship but I think there is nothing wrong with they relationship, no matter how old you are, how many times you already married as long as you love each other may be it's enough for them. but anyway congratulation to Yuni Shara Janda Muda Sexy and Raffi Ahmad if that hot gosip is true.

julia perez janda cantik seksi
sexy julia perez
and once again now Julia Perez made a scandal on the new hot movie that she has been made, on that film in one of the scene Julia Perez is showing her sexy hot body and also "Adegan Mesum" which is not good to see by the public because is too hot and too sexy. who doesn't know Julia Perez with her sexy hot body and her beauty. the widow who know by public with her hit single "Belah Duren" now really make something hot on that film and I hope she realize what she's doing. with that "Hot Film" who has "Adegan Mesum" or "Adegan Panas" hope Julia Perez will survive be just fine. this is Artis Seksi report with new Hot Gosip about Yuni Shara with Rafi Ahmad and Julia Perez with her Hot Film.

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