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Monday, March 1, 2010

Tamara Blezinsky Kawin Lagi ama Brondong

Congratulations Artis Seksi Ku said to Tamara Blezinsky that's have been married with her boy friend which is Mike and hope they married will last long. and today Artis Seksi Ku will try to write about the trends of Artis Cewek Seksi who like brondong and the hot teen boys to be they boy friend, just mention Artis Seksi like Tamara Blezinsky, Ikke Nurjanah, Bella Saphira or even Maia Estianty, they try to compete to win that they are the most sexy actress who can have brondong in their hand.

There is nothing wrong with that trend, but it seem too obvious they try to prove something to the public that they are on the competition to have something they called "Sexy" or even "Seksi", but why by get a "Brondong", is there is no other man who match with their age or they just like "Daun Muda"?

Everything is comeback again to all the Artis Seksi inside, because we all know public is getting smart and smarter than we know, they now all about Information of Sexy Actress Indonesia from TV, Gosip Show, Internet or Magazine, so there is nothing Artis Seksi can hide from public. not mention Sexy Actress like Dewi Persik who like replace her boyfriend just like that, and all the gosip about Tamara, Maia Estianty, Mulan Jameela and any other Artis Seksi including Rahma Azhari.

Okay, that's it for today and hope all Artis Seksi doesn't compete to have "Brondong" because that's not good competition. Thanks to Google, and all my friend and visitor who already supporting Artis Seksi Ku. once again Thanks a lot.

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