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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fitri Tropica Sexy Actress Indonesia yang Aneh

Fitri Tropica Hot Sexy Girls weird, Fitri Tropica Gadis Cantik Manis tapi aneh
Fitri Tropica Hot Sexy Girls weird, Fitri Tropica Gadis Cantik Manis tapi aneh

May be I'm not Too Beauty and Sexy, but I have something that everyone doesn't have, talent! I've got talent and I'll use it to cover all the Beauty and Sexy that I think is less on me, that what Fitri Tropica the Artis Seksi Indonesia weird. Many people said that Fitri Tropica is weird, aneh, over acting, and many other comment to her, but Fitri Tropica just run her activity as usual without hearing what everyone Gosip and comment of her. If someone told she is not beauty I think that's a big wrong. according to Artis Seksi Ku opinion, Fitri Tropica is Artis Indonesia Seksi, Hot Indonesian Young Actress. I know she is not too beauty like Dian Sastro, Cut Tari, Farah Quinn or too sexy like Sarah Azhari, Julia Perez, Mulan Jameela, but she has inner beauty and sexy act.

I don't know with everybody think of Fitri Tropica but the fact is, she is becoming one of the Top Famous Sexy Actress Indonesia because her talent not because her beauty or her sexy body. so is correct what Ayu Azhari said, if every sexy beauty girls is only rely on they sexy body may be this world will full with Sexy Actress, but the fact is no, becoming Hot Sexy Indonesian Actress is need more than beauty looks and hot sexy body, you need brain, talent and luck.

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