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Monday, February 15, 2010

Skandal Video Mesum Bokep Dhea Imut beneran?

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There is so many way too make Hot Gosip and Rumors to make someone fall down. Such as this Artis Abg Seksi Dhea Imut who has real name Claudia Anissa. One of big Gosip Panas is that Dhea Imut involve with Hot Scandal which is Video Mesum Bokep Dhea Imut.

What I can do is only laugh and laugh, why such as amateur video or Hot Film can be called Video Mesum or Film Bokep Dhea Imut, that was too much lie I think. But from that Hot Gosip, the name of Dhea Imut is rising and I think she take that Gosip Panas professionally as sexy teen actress.

Born in Jakarta, 29 February 1996, Dhea Imut become Artis Seksi with here talent and ability to sing and act. And that talent show by one of famous producer and make Dhea Imut as Artis Abg Seksi. Start from that point Dhea Imut has profession, new profession which is Artis Abg Seksi until now.

There is so many Hot Film, Sinetron because Dhea also Artis Sinetron Seksi that she already play and take a part of it. So keep on going Dhea Imut don't make any Gosip Panas or Hot Gosip make you down. Thanks for visiting Artis Seksi Ku.

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