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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bella Saphira is Sexy Artis Seksi Cute

Artis Seksi Ku in hurry today, because of my work is very a lot and in this remain times Artis Seksi try to make post for today. and this day Artis Seksi Ku proudly present to all of you the Indonesian Actress Sexy and she is Bella Saphira. Yes, Bella Saphira is one of the Beauty and Sexy Indonesian Actress Celebrities with beauty looks and hot bodies.

Bella Saphira born in Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia at 6 August 1973, hmm... may be she one of the senior Artis Seksi in Indonesia, even that Bella still single until now. Her career begin when she win contest on Magazine Cover, and from those opportunity this Artis Seksi have a lot of offer from any product to advertise they product including offer to play in Hot Film and become Hot Foto Models.

Not much we can know about her private life because as we know Bella Saphira ever has relationship with Adjie Masaid but that relationship is only less than 2 years. Bella also a singer, sexy singer, Penyanyi Seksi and Bella also play in many sinetron. in her times, Bella also has many award and she is the most Sexy Actress on that times. Bella also ever become a models for FHM Magazine, and on that magazine she show a hot pose, Hot Pictures, Foto Bugil, Gambar Seksi and that's once again make her beauty shown to the public.

Here it is few record and summary about what Bella Saphira did for Indonesian Actress Celebrity as Artis Seksi.

  • Nostalgia SMA
  • Prambors Indo 8
  • Voice of Asia
  • Sesungguhnya Hatiku
  • Love
  • Arisan Brondong
  • Wah Cantiknya II
  • Waktu Terus Berjalan
  • Dewi Fortuna
  • Di Antara Dua Pilihan
  • Melangkah di Atas Awan
  • Antara Cinta & Dusta
  • Norma
  • Rumah Beton
All of that happen in Indonesia and once again she is one of the Artis Seksi with beauty and talent. Thanks for visiting Artis Seksi Ku and don't forget to comes again tomorrow.

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