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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cathy Sharon VJ Sexy and Artis Seksi

I know it's been a hard day even hard week for ARTIS SEKSI KU face the reality that competition on the world of Indonesian Celebrity, Sexy Actress it's getting harder and harder and I know it's need a lot of work to make the point comes true. But with all I had and I know, I will make this Artis Seksi Ku step by step climbing the world of Sexy Indonesian Actress Celebrity.

And this day Cathy Sharon is VJ Seksi as the topic for Artis Seksi Ku and hope you'll like all the information and Gambar Seksi that I had about Cathy Sharon will present to you. Cathy Sharon born in Jakarta, 2 August 1987 and she is sister from Julie Estelle and she is also Artis Seksi from Indonesia.

Cathy Sharon start her career with become VJ MTV and as VJ Seksi she make that show very interesting and cool. at years 2007 Cathy Sharon VJ Seksi resign from VJ MTV and she start to search something in the world of Indonesian Sexy Actress Celebrity. Finally there is an offer to Cathy Sharon which is she offer to play in Hot Film called "Barbi3".

After resign from become VJ MTV, Cathy Sharon accept the offer to become presenter seksi in Trans TV with the show call "Insert" and at the same years she also play on TV Show called "Extravaganza" together with Luna Maya, Tora Sudiro and Aming.

May be not much what I can inform to you about Cathy Sharon VJ Sexy, but I think that's will do for now and down here is few Film or Sinetron that Cathy Sharon VJ Seksi already contribute to the world of Indonesian Sexy Actress Celebrity on Artis Seksi Ku.

Hot Film and Sinetron
> Barbi3
> Cewek Penakluk
> Extravaganza
> Nikita

But for you who looking for Foto Bugil, Gambar Seksi of this Cathy Sharon VJ Sexy, you may disappoint because this is the Artis Seksi Ku. Thanks for visiting and have a nice day.

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