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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Desy RatnasariTrue Beauty of Indonesian Sexy Actress

True Beauty Indonesia Sexy Actress, Artis Seksi Ku, Desy Ratnasari

Desy Ratnasari is one of the Best Indonesian Sexy Actress from what I see and until now she still exist in the world of Indonesian Actress Celebrity. I know exactly when she become Artis Seksi for the first time and even she is not young anymore but she is still beauty and sexy and she is really Hot Sexy Girls from Indonesia.

In years of 1990 Desy Ratnasari is really become one of the Most Expensive Sexy Actress in Indonesia, she is become the most Top Artis Seksi in Indonesia. She is very successful Artis Indonesia who always get attention from the public because she always show on TV and Big Screen and you know she always play Hot Film and Video Seksi and that film always make top ten on chart.

Many people think that Desy Ratnasari is an icon The True Beauty of Indonesian Sexy Actress. About Foto Bugil or Video Mesum Desy Ratnasari that's all only Gosip and Rumors from her competitors because she is Too Sexy for Artis Seksi.

She is best friend with Alya Rohali and Dina Lorenza the other Artis Seksi Indonesia and about her private life we will talk and write about Desy Ratnasari.

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