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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Davina Veronica Model Seksi Syur

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Sunday morning has been rise and slowly I wake up from my bed and see the dark already turn become bright. the sun already comes from sleep so do I, so I walk around to take a deep breath, because morning air is one of the most health air, so I wont miss it. After have a good sleep last night I feel very fresh like flower blossom and it's feel so good.

While Artis Seksi Ku preparing for breakfast I grab my laptop to update the status of me on facebook and I also want to write a little about Davina Veronica Model Seksi Syur who is the one and only Sexy Model Indonesia who can through to the world not only in Indonesia.

Born in Jakarta, 20 October 1978, Davina Veronica Model Seksi Syur start her career as a Hot Models and she start it with become Finalist of Anita Cemerlang Magazine and that one of the famous Magazine at that times. May be not many information and gosip that Artis Seksi Ku can collect but I already try the best I can do and from my knowledge she also ever become a part of Video Clip one of the best singer in Indonesia such as Hedi Yunus, Dewa 19, Humania and many others.

Because her beauty and her sexy body, Davina can easily get job as a Hot Sexy Models and also Video Bugil, I mean Video clip player and she is one of the best part of it because she is professional and dedicated to her jobs. Beside as a Hot Sexy Models, Davina also has a job as Pemain Sinetron Seksi and down here is few information about her sinetron who involve her as a main player.

  • Perjalanan Dewa
  • Kapan Kita Pacaran Lagi
  • Sang Pialang
  • Cerita Tiga Potong Hati
  • Lovely Luna
  • Pesan Dari Surga
  • Badai Pasti Berlalu
  • Namaku Dick
  • Punk In Love
  • Ruma Maida
That's it few information that Artis Seksi Ku can gave to you and hope you all will be satisfied with all the limitation I have. Once again thanks for visiting and don't be hesitate to comment or give me a suggest and critic so that makes me better and better.

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