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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cinta Laura the Young Sexy Actress no Bugil

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Huff, Finally we reach to this Young Sexy Actress from Indonesia, the one and only Cinta Laura. Born in Germany, 17 August 1993. The Hot Teen Actress Sexy who has real name Cinta Laura Kiehl began her debut as Top Model Finalis 2006. At years 2007 Cinta Laura has been award from SCTV as Artis Ngetop because she is become the Idol in Indonesia, especially Idol for Hot Teen Girls like her.

I myself know her when she play on Sinetron on TV Show and on that part she play so well as Hot Teen Young Sexy Actress, she play almost no mistake and perfectly.

Beside as Hot Movie Player for Hot Teen Young Sexy Actress Cinta Laura also has profession as Sexy Singer of Penyanyi Seksi. The song I always remember is "Penghianat Cinta" which is she is collaborating with "Duo Maia" and she really made that song sensational and made to the top of chart on every radio in Indonesia.

Down here is few information about Cinta Laura the Young Sexy Actress such as her albums and Sinetron that she already play.

Cinta Laura Song and Albums
  • You Say AQ
  • Umbrella f
  • Oh Baby
  • Pengkhianat Cinta
  • We Can Do It
  • Let's Get The Beat
  • Cinta atau Uang
  • "Cinderella
  • "Cinta"
  • "I Love You"
  • "Oh Baby!"
  • "Upik Abu dan Laura"
  • "Air Mata Cinta"
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