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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cut Tari the Sexiest Actress Indonesia

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Show me the sexy actress Indonesia and can you answer that question? Who is the most beauty sexy actress in Indonesia? my answer is just pointing on one sexy actress and she is CUT TARI THE SEXIEST ACTRESS INDONESIA.

That's correct, today we will gave you the information of Cut Tari the Sexiest Actress Indonesia and here it is Artis Seksi Ku will inform to you completely. Born in Jakarta, 1 November 1977, Cut Tari is one of the sexy actress in Indonesia who has natural beauty looks and sexy body with her sexy smile.

There is so many Sinetron and TV Show that Cut Tari has been involve with in such as Insert Investigasi, Gosip Selebritis, OKB and many other TV Show that Cut Tari has been involve. So no wonder there is also so many product use this sexy actress beauty to be they icon product.

In Indonesia Cut Tari known as Artis Cantik Seksi who always talk much and made the critical point to the Indonesian Sexy Actress World but all of that she doing because she love this world. and down here is few sinetron and hot film that Cut Tari the Sexiest Actress Indonesia already being part of it.
  • Dongeng Langit
  • Sisi-Sisi Dunia
  • Perjalanan
  • Melati
  • Doaku Harapank
  • Pena Asmara
  • Kafe Biru
  • Dewi Fortuna
  • Tersanjung 6
  • Roda-Roda Cinta
  • Bulan Dan Bintang
  • So What Gitu Loh!
  • Ratapan Anak Tiri
  • Hidayah
  • Hikayah
  • Aku Bukan Aku
  • Pelangi
  • Cinta Intan
  • Cinta Bunga 2
  • Hafizah
That's it for the information from Artis Seksi Ku and hope you all will enjoy yourself and have a nice day.

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