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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cut Memey is Hot Model Cantik

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Finally I have to cancel my Saturday Night out with Artis Seksi because she is feel so tired and feel not to well with her body, mean her health. After go out for shopping this afternoon for preparation on sunday which is she has to work on Hot Film, Video Hot syuting, so she need more rest tonight. So with regret she canceled all the appointment on the Saturday Night, so there is no one can disturbing her tonight.

While waiting sexy actress getting better, I write something on Artis Seksi Ku about other Hot Sexy Models and Actress and she is Cut Memey is Hot Model Cantik. her real name is Cut Meylani Deci Susanti or we use to call Cut Memey, born in Jakarta, 7 December 1980. This hot models more known as sexy presenter and sexy model but she also ever play on many Hot Film and Video Hot, Video Bugil in Theater or TV Show, one of the famous Hot Film that she play is "Akibat Pergaulan Bebas" at episode "Korban Video Syur".

Beside that Movie, she also has play on many other Hot Movie, but her name more known by the public when she has problem with her marriage which is take that case to the divorce with Jacksen and from that case she known or more famous in the world of Indonesian Sexy Actress.

May be many hot sexy actress like her with her beauty looks like a flower and her sexy body take an advantage from it, but Cut Memey doesn't do like that. With her talent she also try to be a singer, penyanyi seksi and at years 2007 she launch her first album called "Cermin Hati" with her hit single is "Raja Playboy".

And here it is few information that Artis Seksi Ku can collect and hope you all can enjoy and more deeply known about this Sexy Actress.

Sinetron or Film
> Film Horor
> Emak Ingin Naik Haji
> Mau Dong Ah

I think that's all what I can inform to you about this Artis Seksi, I hope you can learn something from her. Thanks for visiting and have a nice weekend.

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