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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Della Puspita Hot Sexy Smart Models Indonesia

gambar seksi della puspita, foto artis bugil, video mesum artis indonesia
gambar seksi della puspita, foto artis bugil, video mesum artis indonesia

Della Puspita, that's the name who always show on TV show such as Hot Film, Hot Gossip, Sinetron few years ago but now she is not too often show on TV, may be because her responsibility as wife and mother which is take times for her to take care her family.

And tonight Artis Seksi Ku will write the information of those sexy actress, Della Puspita. Born in Malang, 6 August 1981. She began her career with following contest of Hot Photo Action on one of Magazine. from that point she often become Cover Girls on Famous Magazine in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Actually Della Puspita is one of the smartest Indonesian Actress Sexy because she has many award, educational award and may be we can call her Della Puspita Hot Sexy Models Indonesia. She also ever has problem or scandal with someone who said that he is her father, but that was a past.

Here it is few Hot Film and Sinetron that Della Puspita Hot Sexy Models Indonesia already do for the world of Indonesian Sexy Celebrity.
  • Harga Diri
  • Tali Kasih
  • Dewi Fortuna
  • Penikahan Dini
  • Kekasih Idaman
  • Sang Aktor
  • Dibalik Asrama
  • Legenda Kho Ping Hoo-Suling Emas
  • Siti..Siti..Bang...Bang...
  • Rahasia Ilahi
  • Hidayah
  • Pintu Hidayah
  • Do'a
  • Kusebut Nama-Mu
  • Pangeran Penggoda
  • Kakak Iparku 17 Tahun
  • Kampoeng Dangdut
  • Namaku Safina
  • Bayu Cinta Luna (BCL)
May be that's all for tonight and Thanks for visiting Artis Seksi Ku.

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