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Friday, January 29, 2010


This day ARTIS SEKSI KU will write about the Artis Seksi from Indonesia, the Hot Celebrities and Hot Actress who always make scandal and full with Gosip and rumors, including her sisters even her families. we can mention Sarah Azhari, Rahma Azhari, they are also Artis Top from Indonesia who never free from Gosip and Rumors, of course Gosip Panas.

Ayu Azhari ever said that if someone want to be Actress or Artis Seksi, they not only need a beauty looks, hot sexy body, but they have to get more than it which is brain and luck, and Ayu Azhari feel lucky that she can be one of the most popular actress sexy in Indonesia.

Now Ayu Azhari is has an obsession to become Wakil Bupati in Sukabumi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia and that obsession has many critic from people in Indonesia. Why? Because she is Hot Models, and Artis Panas? I think so, because most people said that Ayu Azhari is not good enough from her behavior to be Wakil Bupati, not because she is Artis Panas or Hot Model, but because her behavior who close with night life, night club and of course drunk.

I think almost everyone know that Ayu Azhari is good in the world of Indonesian Actress Celebrities, but not for Wakil Bupati. So, do you pro or contra with Ayu Azhari obsession? or what your opinions about her as Artis Top, Artis Panas and Hot Models? Is she good enough to be Wakil Bupati? Ok, that's an information for all of you about Ayu Azhari from ARTIS SEKSI KU, or you can visit the other blog at SEKSI ARTIS.

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