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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Finally I get an idea to continue this ARTIS SEKSI KU blog and I think this is cool one, and I believe this will work an can compete with all SEKSI ARTIS. and today we start again from beginning from A to Z, and now we start from A.


AURA KASIH, she is one of the Artis Seksi from Indonesia who always perform Hot and sexy, and Aura Kasih is one of the Sexy Actress from Indonesia. and in Indonesia she has title as ARTIS SEKSI 2009 from the audience and public in Indonesia.

with her sexy body Aura Kasih start her career with modeling and after that she start try her singer career and the result is amazing. Many producer now use Aura Kasih as they Artis Seksi to promote they product and she is one of the best entertainer in Indonesia.

When almost Artis Seksi try to survive in the world of Indonesian Celebrity, Aura Kasih keep her action and knock all the wall in front of her and she is now in the top of her career as Selebritis Seksi Indonesia. no wonder if there is a lot of man want's her to be they Sexy Girls, Sexy Actress and Artis Seksi, and that's why she get title ARTIS SEKSI 2009.

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