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Friday, January 15, 2010


After I think and think again for so long, almost three months I abandon this blog, so I have to make decision and the decision is I will keep blogging and I believe I will find the way to survive. and on this ARTIS SEKSI KU, I rely on it on this blog.

I know when I'm too busy to do my work, I have no chance to do blogging, even browsing or use the Internet connection, I even think that I want to delete my google account, but once again I change my mind and start today I will do blogging again, because I have to think to the future not the past.

I know that the other ARTIS SEKSI ever fall down, but I believe that was an experience who will make you stronger and stronger, so this is the first update and posting after almost more than three months and after this, I will come back.

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