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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Melepas Rindu pada Artis Seksi Ku

Today I really can't help to get posting even this is "Ramadhan", because there is weird and funny thing is happen around ARTIS SEKSI Ku, and I can only said what a shame for young children right know. And today Artis Seksi Ku didn't make any post about Artis Indonesia Seksi or Artis Seksi from Indonesia, because I respect Ramadhan.

I know there is a lot of situation and news or Gosip already spread in the world of Dunia Artis Indonesia, including the big one is the divorce between Anang Hermansyah and Kris Dayanti or KD. and there is so many reason including from their child that explain what cost the divorce or perceraian between two of them, Anang and Krisdayanti, I believe all of you know because there is so many news and Gosip about them.

So, now Artis Seksi Ku update only try to release my tought so we can share it, and I will continue post about Artis Indonesia Seksi after Ramadhan. thank you for visiting.

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