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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Annisa Bahar Artis Dangdut Seksi

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penyanyi dangdut seksi annisa bahar
artis seksi anisa bahar

May be almost everyone who love dangdut music know who she is, and Artis Seksi Ku now will bring her on and this time this Artis Dangdut Seksi will fill the Artis Seksi Ku blog with some hot information and gosip about her.

Annisa Bahar, that's her name and she is one of the Top Artis Dangdut from Indonesia and people knowing her with her ability to make "Goyang Patah-patah" and "Goyang Dangdut" with hot dance and beauty movement of her sexy body.

Beside she have beauty body and voice, Anisa Bahar also make something valuable in the world of Artis Indonesia, because she already contribute very big thing, like her song, her dancing and her news, rumors and gosip, including the divorce between annisa bahar and her husband.

So many albums that annisa bahar already made, and this time Artis Seksi Ku can't give that information, because the limitation of the information source but anyway, hope all of you like and enjoy it.

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