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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dewi Persik Janda Lagi

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Today Artis Seksi Ku will have something to write about this Artis Seksi, and she is the one and only Dewi Persik the Artis Dangdut who famous with "Goyang Gergaji".

After her divorcing with Syaiful Jamil, Dewi Persik the artis dangdut indonesia seksi married with Aldi Taher, and believe it, it's really short time when she decided to get married again for a woman. And like everyone thought that Dewi Persik marriage with Aldi is not last long enough and today that thought is become reality.

Today, Dewi Persik is a widow again, Janda Muda seksi, and she is can't be contact or talk about that divorce with Aldi Taher, why? no one know why, but almost everyone already know what the reason that Dewi Persik the Artis Dangdut Seksi divorce with Aldi.

may be she don't want loose with Kris Dayanti about hot gosip and hot news in TV, so she decided to make her own story, her own gosip so she can be more famous and famous, but what for?

Ok, that's enough a little bit story about Perceraian Dewi Persik from Artis Seksi Ku, thanks for visiting.

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