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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today is the first day I post this blog, and hope that I will make this blog will be fabulous blog or at least will be a useful blog for them who looking for the information about Indonesian Actress or in Indonesia use to call Artis Seksi Indonesia. From the lesson that I already have and learn, including the experience of my blog in the past, so I'll try to make a better thing starting today.

This blog is call ARTIS SEKSI KU, and I made this with intend to help anyone from around the world, especially from Indonesia who want to know Indonesian Actress more deeply, so we provide to them the information about that Indonesian Actress, they biography, they job, what they do, and what they want to do in the future and believe me, it's need a lot of hard work. So with all the cost I already spend, I think I have to survive and make this blog very useful to everyone including for myself.

So, I think is enough for the Introduction from ARTIS SEKSI KU, and I hope this is will make different in this world. Thank you. and here it is some special thanks that I want to said to everyone who help me, and of course the first is God which always give me a chance to live and breath in this world, my friend who always support me in any situation, google who gave me the chance to earn something from this blog, who provide me something very useful for me to create this blog and explore my creativity, thank you to all of you.

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